Dutch set to ban full-face veil

Dutch set to ban full-face veil | euronews, world news.

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Kerrie Orozco: Buried on Her Due Date

‘Kerrie on': Omaha rallies around fallen police officer’s newborn | Fox News.

“the police department rallied behing the simple phrase “Kerrie On,” and donations poured in for Olivia Ruth, the baby Orozco had just given birth to prematurely. Orozco was working her last shift before going on maternity leave to be with her baby when a criminal’s bullet struck her just above the bulletproof vest that might have saved her life.”

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Critique of ‘Black Lives Matter’

Geraldo Rivera Delivers Tough Critique of ‘Black Lives Matter’ and the Modern Civil Rights Movement | TheBlaze.com.

“Earlier today, Baltimore registered the 100th homicide this year,” Rivera said, noting that this is 15 times the murder rate of New York City, which has a much larger population.

The commentator went on to say that he believes the case surrounding Gray, who died after a spinal injury following an arrest last month, spells major trouble for the civil rights movement.

“I believe the Freddie Gray case will mark the decline into irrelevancy of the modern civil rights movement,” he said. “Black lives matter only when they’re killed by cops, particularly white cops.”

Rivera continued, “Where is the outrage of the 100 Baltimore citizens who have been shot dead this year? There is none.”

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Washington Post Attacks Rubio: He’s Not Rich!

Washington Post Attacks Rubio: He’s Not Rich! | Power Line.

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Nature ignores the elephant in the room

Nature ignores the elephant in the room | Behind The Black.

“Read the article at the link. Though they never mention global warming, they hint at it repeatedly by noting the arrival of new warm ocean currents. More importantly, they fail to place the whole issue in context by never noting the record-setting growth of the icecap in recent years. For a section of the icecap fringe to suddenly accelerate its “surge to the sea five years ago” during a period when the icecap has been expanding in an unprecedented manner is hardly surprising, and is hardly an indication of global warming. Instead, it suggests the icecap is behaving exactly as one would expect, shedding excess ice as it expands.”

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How The Left Kills Free Speech

The Killing of Free Speech – Suzanne Fields

“She’s actually a liberal Democrat who worked in the Clinton administration and goes where many of her colleagues in big media fear to tread. She finds the illiberal left’s attempt to suppress free speech spreads far beyond the women at Fox News Channel and cites the attacks on them as typical of the silencing strategy. Liberal women are quick to challenge sexism aimed at the feminist sisterhood but hit the mute button when the sexism is aimed at conservative women.

“The Silencing” provides chapter and verse for sexist examples “

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NSA Planned to Hack Google App Store

NSA Planned to Sneak-Attack App Stores to Put Spyware on Smartphones.

The NSA and its “Five Eyes” intelligence allies planned to put custom spyware on smartphonesby tapping into vulnerable links to Android and Samsung’s app marketplaces via man-in-the-middle attacks. Documents obtained by Edward Snowden and published by the CBC and The Intercept outline this surveillance plan:

As part of a pilot project codenamed IRRITANT HORN, the agencies were developing a method to hack and hijack phone users’ connections to app stores so that they would be able to send malicious “implants” to targeted devices. The implants could then be used to collect data from the phones without their users noticing.”

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