Venezuela On The Brink?

BBC News – Is Venezuela losing faith in Hugo Chavez’s successor?.

The Death of Student Protest

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Saudi’s Not Happy With Iran Nuke Talks

John Kerry reassures nervous Gulf allies on Iran nuclear deal –

“John Kerry would not need to hold this meeting if the Saudis and the other Gulf countries were happy but every indication is that they are very unhappy,” said Simon Henderson, an expert on Saudi Arabia at the Washington Institute.

The Sunni Arab Gulf states’ longstanding unease about a nuclear deal with Iran has been exacerbated by concerns that Tehran is interfering in Arab affairs by supporting its Shia coreligionists in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and in Yemen, which many fear is on the brink of a sectarian civil war.”

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‘Spocking’ their fivers

Bank of Canada urges ‘Star Trek’ fans to stop ‘Spocking’ their fivers | Dangerous Minds.

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Net Neutrality – Fooled Again

Thursday morning links – Maggie’s Farm.

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Not a Piggyback Ride

“Life and death upon one tether / And running beautiful together.” @ AMERICAN DIGEST.

“Life and death”

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▶ Free speech on campus

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Oxford sex grooming ring

Oxford sex grooming ring: ‘Police don’t have time to keep girls safe’ – Telegraph.

Not one word about the men who groomed the girls. Not one word about the men who abused the girls. Not one word about the political correctness that plagued this investigation and the Rotherham scandal.

What you get is an excuse for Police incompetence and complacency.

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