World’s First Cable-Free Elevator Zooms Horizontally and Vertically Using Magnets & Tracks

It could help change the way that buildings are designed, as well as getting you to your floor faster.

Source: World’s First Cable-Free Elevator Zooms Horizontally and Vertically Using Maglev Tech – MIT Technology Review

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Venezuelan Protesters Break Into At Air Base 

Venezuelan protesters, security forces clash at air base – ABC News

Socialist nightmare: no food, no medicine, no jobs, no money…

“Young protesters broke down a metal fence guarding an air base in Caracas on Saturday before being repelled by security forces firing tear gas in another day of anti-government protests in Venezuela’s capital.

Demonstrators threw stones, and some protesters were injured.

The clashes took place after a peaceful mass demonstration next to La Carlota base where a 22-year-old protester was killed this week when a national guardsman shot him in the chest at close range with rubber bullets.”


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Illinois could be 1st state with ‘junk’ credit due to budget

Dems have taxed everyone to the limit and now they must make cuts, but don’t know how to do that.

“CHICAGO (AP) — Illinois is on track to become the first U.S. state to have its credit rating downgraded to “junk” status, which would deepen its multibillion-dollar deficit and cost taxpayers more for years to come.

S&P Global Ratings has warned the agency will likely lower Illinois’ creditworthiness to below investment grade if feuding lawmakers fail to agree on a state budget for a third straight year, increasing the amount the state will have to pay to borrow money for things such as building roads or refinancing existing debt.”

Source: Illinois could be 1st state with ‘junk’ credit due to budget

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Yes, Your Dog Will Eat You! Cats Too.

Source: davidthompson

Meaty Goodness

The German shepherd was calm and responded to police commands. On the way to an animal sanctuary, the dog vomited some of its owner’s tissue, including skin with still-recognisable beard hair.

Here’s a thing to ponder as you pet your fluffy companion: If you died, would your dog eat you?

In 24 percent of the cases in the 2015 review, which all involved dogs, less than a day had passed before the partially eaten body was found. What’s more, some of the dogs had access to normal food they hadn’t eaten.

And before owners of other pets start feeling terribly smug:

Cats tend to go for the face, especially soft parts such as the nose and lips, says forensic anthropologist Carolyn Rando of University College London… Even hamsters and birds have been known to scavenge on occasion.

Sleep well.

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Four Reasons Why College Degrees Are Becoming Useless

Four Reasons Why College Degrees Are Becoming Useless | Mises Wire

Graduates have little to no improvement in critical thinking skills

According to the WSJ, “At more than half of schools, at least a third of seniors were unable to make a cohesive argument, assess the quality of evidence in a document or interpret data in a table”. The outcomes were the worst in large, flagship schools: “At some of the most prestigious flagship universities, test results indicate the average graduate shows little or no improvement in critical thinking over four years.”…

Shouting matches have invaded campuses across the country

It seems that developing critical thinking skills has taken a backseat to shouting matches in many US colleges. At Evergreen State College in Washington, student protests have hijacked classrooms and administration. Protesters took over the administration offices last month, and have disrupted classes as well. It has come to the point where enrollment has fallen so dramatically that government funding is now on the line.

Trade schools and self-study offer better outcomes for many

College dropouts are doing just fine, bucking the stereotype. Some determined young people are skipping college altogether to pursue their business ideas. Many are also choosing trade schools, which require less time and tuition money, but graduates end up with a specific set of skills. Trade school graduates leave school prepared for the industry they enter, where they can earn much higher wages than many four-year degree-holders.

Young men in particular are leaving colleges in droves. Over the past decade, 30% of male freshmen dropped out before starting a second year.

Tuition is increasing, but future earnings are decreasing

While tuition keeps climbing across the country, the prospective earnings of graduates aren’t keeping up….

Since students are just getting started in life, it means that they must borrow to pay for these expensive degrees that don’t guarantee higher earnings. Total student loans are at $1.3 trillion and climbing. These loans have no collateral and cannot be dissolved through bankruptcy….

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Maggie’s Farm

Source: Maggie’s Farm

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Trump supporter run down, stabbed after political rally | Not Covered By Network News

Trump supporter run down, stabbed after political rally – Story | KTTV

“The pro-Trump supporter Tony Forman was right in the middle of a recent protest in Cathay where emotions ran hot over the sanctuary city controversy, but nothing like the violence that’s left Foreman now fighting for his life.

“We don’t know if it is politically motivated or racially motivated, but we do know there were some racial slurs for him being white that were said to him,” Tim Gionet, a friend of Foreman, said.

Foreman was in intensive care Wednesday night after being stabbed nine times.

Santa Monica police did not mention a politically motivated crime, only confirming they arrested  two suspects.”

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