Black Princeton Professor Goes Off Following Her Arrest

Black Princeton Professor Goes Off On Social Media Following Her Arrest

You can’t arrest me, I’m Black and your expectations of me are too high. Her words: “But this demand for behavioral perfection from Black people in response to disproportionate policing and punishment is a terrible red herring.” Not disproportionate, she did the crime. Perhaps she is so accustom to Black Privilege that she does not know what equal treatment means.

“The professor of African-American studies was allegedly driving at 67 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone, at around 9:30 am. So when the two officers—a man, and a woman—stopped her, they found that her driving privileges were suspended, and a warrant was issued for her arrest for two unpaid ticket violations stemming from 2013.

“The warrant commands the officer to take the person into custody,” Captain Sutter of the Princeton Police Department said, according to The New York Times.”

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The President Is Not The King

The high court’s freeze of Obama’s carbon plan casts doubt on the Paris accord.

Source: Supreme Disarray for the Global Climate Agenda – Bloomberg Business

Democrats and Socialists are disappointed/disgusted that the Supreme Court would dare to challenge Obama on this or any other issue. Just wait until there is a Republican President and they will beg the court to block Presidential executive orders.

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Payton: Class Act

Timeline Photos – Curt Autry NBC12 | Facebook

YOU WANNA KNOW …. what kind of guy Peyton Manning is? 23-year-old Bronco’s practice-squad receiver Jordan Taylor (who still has yet to catch a single pass in the NFL), didn’t own a suit to wear on the team bus to the Super Bowl, so he asked Peyton if he had an old suit or sports jacket he could borrow.

While Manning was rehabbing from a foot injury during the regular season, he turned to Taylor to be his warm-up partner, texting him for morning workouts and having Taylor run endless routes for him, so he could get back in shape. Peyton knew one of his suits wouldn’t fit Taylor (Peyton’s 20lbs heavier). So, the day after Jordan asked, Peyton’s tailor showed up in the locker room to take Jordan’s measurements for a custom-made suit. Here’s Jordan in his first ever suit that didn’t come from off the rack.  #goodguy

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Four ways to share your exact location with family

Do you know where your family is? You do now with these handy apps designed to share or track locations using your phone. Peace of mind is priceless.

Source: Four ways to share your exact location with family (and why) – CNET

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Zone of Avoidance Meets The Great Attractor

Hundreds of Galaxies lurking near the Milky Way could help explain an anomaly known as the Great Attractor.

Source: Hundreds of newly found galaxies may unravel gravitational space mystery – CNET

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Admirably Frank

Never Yet Melted » Admirably Frank

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Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Talks to Young Voters

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