Researchers Dropped 17,000 Wallets To Test Honesty In Countries Around The World : NPR

“People were more likely to return a wallet when it contained a higher amount of money,” Cohn says. “At first we almost couldn’t believe it and told him to triple the amount of money in the wallet. But yet again we found the same puzzling finding.” The researchers decided to do the experiment on a much larger scale. They put together a team that dropped off more than 17,000 “lost” wallets in 40 countries over the course of more than two years.

via Researchers Dropped 17,000 Wallets To Test Honesty In Countries Around The World : NPR

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Apple, Black & Decker and Steve Madden among US companies moving production out of China. Here’s the full list. | China Is Not the Friend of Business

Tariffs on China are driving the shifts to the U.S., Vietnam, India and other countries.

Source: Apple, Black & Decker and Steve Madden among US companies moving production out of China. Here’s the full list. | Fox Business

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Depraved Social Engineers Run California Schools | Kids Should Be Kids, Not Progressive Props

The LGBT blitzkrieg by liberal social engineers, so grotesque that it would have been unimaginable only a few years ago, is working:

Over one in four California children ages 12 through 17 now identifies as “gender non-conforming,” according to a recent study by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). In other words, more than a fourth of the state’s boys do not accept the fact that they are male, and similar numbers of girls refuse to accept being female.

Millions of kids will attempt to grow up while bogged down in deliberately induced psychiatric dysfunction.

Too much is never enough for progressives. When they get their way, they push harder for more:

In early May, the state’s Board of Education approved a new “Health Education Framework” for kindergarten through 12th grade that should shock even the most liberal and “progressive” parents. From teaching children that there are infinite genders, to how-to manuals on sexual perversions so dangerous and obscene they cannot be described here, there seem to be no moral boundaries or taboos that are not being deliberately broken.

In kindergarten, for instance, the Health Education Framework recommends a book entitled Who Are You? The Kid’s Guide to Gender Identity. The cover features a boy wearing a dress. Recommended by the state government for children in first grade and kindergarten, the book claims to provide “a straightforward introduction to gender for anyone aged 4+.”

Source: Moonbattery Depraved Social Engineers Run California Schools – Moonbattery

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Threatening Anti-Semitism Grows on College Campuses

As Anti-Semitism continues to grow unchecked on colleges campuses, and within a small cohort currently serving in the United States Congress, Belgium offers a glimpse into a frightening future for us if the hateful rhetoric is allowed to escalate. During the same week that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) complained about undue Jewish influence in this country and the Jewish “allegiance to a foreign country,” a Carnival parade in the city of Aalst, Belgium on March 3rd, featured anti-Semitic floats with vicious caricatures of stereotypically Jewish figures.

According to The Observers (a collaborative site published in four languages including French, English, Arabic, and Persian, which covers current international affairs by using eyewitness accounts from ‘observers’ which the Observer team of professional journalists in Paris verify and contextualize):

The float is fronted by two giant models in pink suits, wearing sidelocks and shtreimels—the fur hat traditionally worn by Hasidic Jews—and with large hooked noses. One of them has a rat on his shoulder. Both are standing on piles of gold coins and are surrounded by bags of money.

Source: Threatening Anti-Semitism Grows on College Campuses – Minding The Campus

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Orlando dad wears jean shorts, confronts daughter in funny viral video

Jason Hilley thought his 14-year-old daughter’s shorts were too short. So he made his own pair to prove it. Mom was there to capture the moment.

Source: Orlando dad wears jean shorts, confronts daughter in funny viral video

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Honda Mean Mower: Facing my fears at triple-digit speeds – Roadshow

With a weight-to-power ratio superior to that of the Bugatti Chiron, Honda has built the world’s most terrifying machine on four wheels.

Source: Honda Mean Mower: Facing my fears at triple-digit speeds – Roadshow

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Make the Democrat Party Pay For Reparations

Reparations. Like every other issue for the Socialist—whoops—Democrat Party, it’s one steeped in massive pandering, misinformation, class warfare, racism, and lunacy.

I’m black. And white. So would the white side of me have to pay the black side of me?

Oh, and you don’t even have to be a citizen to be paid this magical money that will heal all historical wrongs and make everyone more “equal.” The #BlackLivesMatter movement wants “undocumented persons”, who never experienced the bondage of slavery in this country, to receive reparations, too. The struggle is real!

Everyone is a victim, including rich and powerful black politicians, thought leaders and celebrities. Remember when LeBron complained about NFL owners having a “slave mentality?” Yes. Please. Sign me up for that plantation. Last time I checked, slaves weren’t paid a dime, let alone millions, for playing with a ball.

Source: Make the Democrat Party Pay For Reparations


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