Juno flew to within 4,200km of Jupiter—and survived

On Saturday Juno flew to within 4,200km of Jupiter—and survived | Ars Technica

“NASA’s daring Juno spacecraft must fly into the heart of Jupiter’s deadly radiation belts to complete its mission. So far, so good. On Saturday morning, the spacecraft made its first close approach to Jupiter, flying to within 4,200km of the giant of the Solar System. That is less than the distance from New York to Los Angeles….

NASA hopes to get 36 orbits out of Juno over the next 20 months before radiation slowly breaks down its electronics and propulsion system. Even though a 1cm-thick wall of titanium provide some protection for the spacecraft’s electronics, a few of its nine instruments may begin to fail in as few as eight or 10 orbits.”

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USA TODAY Sports investigation raises questions about Rio cops, Lochte incident

USA TODAY Sports investigation raises questions about Rio cops, Lochte incident

“A USA TODAY Sports videographer who visited the bathroom Thursday found no damage to soap dispensers and mirrors and said none of those items appeared to be new. Some media accounts suggested the men had broken down a door, which USA TODAY Sports also did not observe.

Bentz said in his statement that he believes there are surveillance videos shot from different angles that have not been released. He also said he did not see anyone damage the bathroom or even enter it.

Of the videos available, including footage from a camera trained on the restroom doors, a review by USA TODAY Sports does not find any showing the swimmers going near the bathrooms. They are not seen entering or coming out of them on those recordings….

The witness, Fernando Deluz, says he got involved after one of the guards pulled a gun on the men.

“As soon as they drew their weapon, that’s when I got worried,” Deluz, a disc jockey, told USA TODAY Sports on Saturday.

“It was also so fast, and what I wanted was to resolve the situation,” says Deluz, who days later talked to police. “If it hadn’t been for wanting to resolve that, if I hadn’t involved myself, I thought – the police chief told me, ‘Man, if you hadn’t gone there in that moment, a tragedy could have occurred.’ ”


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Man, 46, charged with murder in killing of two Mississippi nuns

A sadistic suspect has been charged in the slayings of two Mississippi nuns, authorities said.

Source: Man, 46, charged with murder in killing of two Mississippi nuns – NY Daily News

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President Obama Broke Promise to ISIS Hostage Family

President Obama Broke Promise for Charity Donation, ISIS Hostage Family Says – ABC News

Obama makes a pledge during his photo-op with Kayla’s family then goes missing for 17 months. Why, because he cares.

“President Obama will make a financial contribution to a memorial foundation for slain ISIS hostage Kayla Mueller, the White House said today, but a spokesperson couldn’t explain why he hasn’t donated in the 17 months since her parents say he made a heartfelt pledge to them.

Obama spokesperson Josh Earnest said the president “is aware” of the Kayla’s Hands foundation and added, “I would anticipate that they [the Obamas] would make a financial contribution to continue supporting it.”

But Earnest could not say whether the president had promised the Muellers that he would make a donation to the foundation, whose objective is to turn Kayla Mueller’s beliefs into action and “to further her humanitarian efforts both locally and internationally,” as its mission statement says.”


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Norway Builds a Border Wall

The mainstream media has continually mocked Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border, a national security measure the Norwegian government is now employing to control the unchecked flow of thousands of refugees coming through Russia. The steel fence will be about 660 feet long and 11 feet high, stretching from the Storskog border crossing on the Norway-Russia border, where 5,500 migrants, primarily from Syria, came into Norway last year.

Norway Builds a Border Wall | LifeZette

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Boycott EpiPen – Choose Alternative AdrenaClick

Consumer Reports Explores Cheaper EpiPen Alternative « CBS Pittsburgh






Most politicians and media are not informing people that they have the ability boycott EpiPen and choose Adrenaclick. Same drug, better price. Let capitalism work by informing people that they have a better option than greedy, politically connected EpiPen.

“The Epinephrine Auto-Injector, also called generic Adrenaclick, uses the exact same drug in the exact same dose as EpiPen. The difference is in how the injector pens are designed and how they work.

With EpiPen, you need to remove a blue safety release, push an orange tip against your outer thigh until the pen ‘clicks,’ and then wait three seconds until the drug is fully injected.

With the Epinephrine Auto-Injector, you remove two grey caps, push a red tip against your outer thigh until the needle punctures your skin, and then wait 10 seconds until the drug is fully injected. Either device could save your life in an emergency, so it’s important to fully understand how the device you’re prescribed works.”

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EpiPen, Crony Capitalism and Clinton

EpiPen Pushback Was Just a Start | LifeZette

“Mylan’s CEO Heather Bresch will be called to Capitol Hill to “explain” her company’s justification for raising the price of a life-saving allergy shot. It might be a bit awkward — she’s the daughter of Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia….

Corny Capitalism: 

How does Mylan justify having taxpayers foot the bill for these price increases — particularly after Bresch and the company successfully pushed legislation to encourage use of the EpiPen in the nation’s schools?

It’s critical drug prices be effectively addressed, as they consume nearly a quarter of the Medicaid and Medicare budgets.

Mylan spent about $4 million in 2012 and 2013 on lobbying for access for EpiPen generally and for legislation, including the 2013 School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act, according to disclosure forms filed with the Office of the Clerk for the House of Representatives. Mylan also was the top corporate sponsor of a group called Food Allergy Research & Education. It was the key lobbying body that pushed the bill encouraging schools to stock epinephrine auto-injectors — EpiPen is by far the leading product….

Don’t expect anything but indignation from Hillary Clinton. Mylan Inc. has a relationship going back to 2009 with The Clinton Foundation. Pay for play? As for Donald Trump, he has advocated lower drug prices and allowing importation from abroad in the past.”


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