Istanbul Gay Pride Activists Defy Ban, Tear Gas and Islamist Threats 

Istanbul Gay Pride Activists Defy Ban, Tear Gas and Far-Right Threats – NBC News

“although homosexuality is not a crime in Turkey, unlike many other Muslim countries, homophobia remains widespread. Critics say President Tayyip Erdogan and his Islamist-rooted AK Party have shown little interest in expanding rights for minorities, gays and women, and are intolerant of dissent….

Pictures from the scene showed some of activists being arrested or being kicked by plain-clothes police, as well as tear gas being deployed. Activists said rubber bullets were also fired.

The march was banned — for the third year in a row — by the city governor, citing safety and public order fears.

“We are not afraid, we are here, we are not going to change,” organizers said in a statement….”

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Trump claims Obama ‘colluded’ on Russia, without citing evidence – Just Like Dems/Media Trump Collusion Claim

Source: Trump claims Obama ‘colluded’ on Russia, without citing evidence – ABC News

There is evidence that Obama and Clinton colluded with Russia. Obama was caught on a hot mic saying he could do more after the 2012 election. Obama knew about Russian hacking and did nothing. Hillary/Bill received millions in donations and speaking fees after arranging for the sale of US Uranium mines to Russian companies.

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California government healthcare plan shelved | Costs Too Much

Source: California government healthcare plan shelved | Behind The Black

“The head of California’s assembly on Friday shelved the senate’s proposed government takeover of that state’s entire healthcare industry, saying that the plan was “woefully incomplete.”

The plan, which was estimated to cost $400 billion, several times California’s annual total budget, had not included any way to pay for it.

At first glance it appears that common sense has arrived in California. A closer look shows no such thing has happened.”

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Tactics of Cultural Marxism’s Brownshirts

Source: Moonbattery » Tactics of Cultural Marxism’s Brownshirts

Portland, Oregon Police Chief Michael Marshman revealed on Friday that riot cops forced Antifa protesters out of local parks during a Jun. 4 protest after the [antifascist] group began launching balloons filled with feces, urine and chemicals at law enforcement.

In an open letter to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, Marshman also noted that protesters “may have been using ‘gopher gassers,’” which are “small rodent poison gas devices.”

The letter was necessitated by Antifa’s allies at the American Civil Liberties Union propagandizing against the police.

In response to the ACLU’s claims that law enforcement used excessive force against Antifa protesters, as well as the call from Mayor Wheeler to provide documentation to support their use of force, Marshman responded with a six-page open letter, which detailed the biologically oriented attacks on officers.

“The decision to move the group located in Chapman Square was made after [Portland Police Bureau] had repeatedly observed objects being thrown and shot from slingshot type devices from Chapman Square into Terry Shrunk Plaza,” Marshman wrote. “These objects included urine and feces filled balloons, balloons with unknown chemicals, marbles, bricks and rocks.”

He added, “Given this, the assembly was declared an unlawful assembly and the park closed for public safety.”

Reporters from Willamette Week also noted that they witnessed rioters were throwing “red-stained” tampons at law enforcement officials during the “peaceful” protest.

Being true cultural Marxists, the Antifa crowd has no interest in building anything; their only objectives are to defile and to tear down.

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Detroit Council Dunks on Taxpayers, Will Use School Funds for Basketball Arena – Dems Never Learn

This is why Detroit can’t have nice things.

Source: Detroit Council Dunks on Taxpayers, Will Use School Funds for Basketball Arena – Hit & Run :

“Taxpayer-funded bonds sold to raise revenue for parks and schools in cash-strapped Detroit will instead be used to lure its professional basketball team back into the city.

The Detroit Pistons have played out in the suburbs (first in Pontiac, now in Auburn Hills) since 1977, but will relocate to a new downtown arena thanks to $34 million in incentives approved by the Detroit City Council.

Taxpayers are already on the hook for more than $300 million of the $900 million construction cost for new Little Caesars Arena, built to host the Detroit Red Wings of the National Hockey League. The additional spending will make the arena suitable for basketball and help pay for new practice facility and front office for the Pistons.”

How is this legal, certainly not ethical.

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People Are Starting To Catch On To The “100% Renewable Energy” Scam 

Have you heard of a guy named Mark Jacobson?  He’s the trendy Stanford professor who has written a couple of big pieces claiming that having the United States get 100% of its energy from nothing but wind, water and solar power by 2050 is no problem at all.

Source: People Are Starting To Catch On To The “100% Renewable Energy” Scam — Manhattan Contrarian


[W]e point out that this work used invalid modeling tools, contained modeling errors, and made implausible and inadequately supported assumptions. Policy makers should treat with caution any visions of a rapid, reliable, and low-cost transition to entire energy systems that relies almost exclusively on wind, solar, and hydroelectric power. 

Ouch!  But actually, those are the polite words in the piece.  For example, what are some of those “inadequately supported assumptions” to be found in Jacobson?  Here’s one that I particularly enjoy:

The system in [Jacobson’s piece linked above] assumes the availability of multiweek energy storage systems that are not yet proven at scale and deploys them at a capacity twice that of the entire United States’ generating and storage capacity today.

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Things Got a Little Too Exciting at Fanboy Expo. The Incredible Hulk Stepped up to Do Something…Incredible

“Talk about a real life Action Hero!”

Source: Things Got a Little Too Exciting at Fanboy Expo. The Incredible Hulk Stepped up to Do Something…Incredible

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