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An Olympic Challenge: Eat All the Korean Food That Most Visitors Won’t

San-nakji, raw octopus, so freshly killed that the pieces squirm on your plate. It has become a dare of sorts for uninitiated visitors. (see video) Andrew Keh/The New York Times GANGNEUNG, South Korea — When David Chang tells you to eat … Continue reading

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Flippy is Back and He’s Not Alone

Miso Robotics, creator of a burger flipping robot named Flippy, today announced $10 million in Series B financing. The round was led by Acacia Research Corporation. Last year, Flippy scored a coup when it debuted with high marks a Pasadena … Continue reading

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Australian inventors celebrate success of revolutionary bee hive | Honey Flows From a Tap

Three years ago, a father and son in Australia finally unveiled a device they had spent a decade inventing: a beehive that releases honey via a tap, without needing to handle the bees. The pair, Stuart and Cedar Anderson, who … Continue reading

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President Trump Accepts Offer by Two Young Girls to Come Cook at the WH

At Tuesday’s press briefing, spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders read the letter written to Trump by 11-year-old Natalie and her 8-year-old cousin Celia: Dear Mr. President, I’m Natalie and I’m 11 years old, almost 12. My cousin, Celia, who is eight … Continue reading

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CA court: Forced Cake compliance violates 1st Amendment

Monday’s ruling gives voice to one of the arguments heard in favor of Colorado baker Jack Phillips, whose case is currently before the U.S. Supreme Court: “The difference here is that the cake in question is not yet baked,” Judge … Continue reading

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Ellen DeGeneres Gifts Her Audience $1 Million – Good for Her. Was It Her Tax Break?

“Ellen DeGeneres wasn’t the only one to receive presents for her birthday. The talk show host gave her audience $1 million to thank them for completing one million acts of good. During Friday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, DeGeneres … Continue reading

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U.S. to resume refugee admissions from 11 ‘high-risk’ countries

“During the briefing, officials said refugees will not be barred from admission to the United States solely on the basis of nationality. “The big picture is that there is no longer a refugee pause on countries, including the 11 high-risk … Continue reading

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