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Murder: Chicago, Chicago, That Obama Toddlin’ Town

Chicago, Chicago, That Obama Toddlin’ Town @ AMERICAN DIGEST. You can’t escape what some 80 year old said about black people, but have you seen any outrage about black kids killing black kids? No, not really. Beating up on some old … Continue reading

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“Animal Farm” True As Ever

21 Splendid Illustrations From Ralph Steadman’s “Animal Farm”.

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Walmart, Organic, Cheap

Walmart Lowers Prices On Organic Groceries | Cheap Food – Consumer Reports.  Product Walmart  Local supermarkets Walmart’s price advantage Basil leaves  $42.24* $145.16 71% cheaper Cayenne pepper    17.19     57.49 70 Ground cinnamon    19.84     63.89 69 Black … Continue reading

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A Disaster in the Making

Rio Olympics preparations ‘worst’ I have ever seen, says IOC vice-president | Sport |

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Palestinian deal will not make Hamas change: veteran leader | Reuters

Palestinian deal will not make Hamas change: veteran leader | Reuters. The US policy is not to negotiate with terrorists, but that is what Kerry demands when he pressures Israel to talk with the now unified Palestinian groups. “(Reuters) – A Palestinian … Continue reading

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The Guardian tries to claim global warming sank the Titanic – research says the exact opposite

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?:
The photo of the iceberg that sank purportedly the Titanic. Credit: U.S. Coast Guard Historian’s Office Kate Ravilious makes this nutty claim at The Guardian: But in fact the catastrophe may have been…

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Mia Love – A Rising Star

Utah House Race: Mia Love Clinches GOP Nomination – Daniel Doherty. “I’ll leave you with Love’s 2012 RNC convention speech, which first put her on the map, so to speak. Autobiographical, concise, and inspiring, take some time to watch it … Continue reading

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