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The Hate Agenda of the Left

Liberals have gotten so used to their values dominating popular culture that even the absence of explicit support for left-wing politics merits criticism. Many left-wing voices criticized the hit indie film Juno for being anti-abortion because the teenage protagonist of … Continue reading

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The Slice | I’m With Nunzio

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Kanye West & The Thought Police: Never Thought I’d Agree With Him | Bravo

Kanye West‘s weekend of tweeting continues with some messages for the “thought police.” Just yesterday morning, West tweeted a personal endorsement of Candace Owens, a big Trump supporter and communications director for Turning Point USA. He’s gotten criticism for promoting … Continue reading

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She Saved GM by Starting With ‘Dress Appropriately’

When asked what men can do to improve women’s lives at work, Mary Barra gets straight to the point: “Stop making assumptions,” she tells Quartz. As chief executive at General Motors, Barra practices what she preaches. Her management philosophy is … Continue reading

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Gun-Pocket Yoga Pants – Sold Out

Alexo Athletica, a company that proudly supports the Second Amendment, has introduced a new line of yoga pants designed to allow women to “carry with confidence” and comfort. The $99 “Signature Pant” have nine pockets designed to carry “all your … Continue reading

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The Clown Prince of Canada Gets Dissed in India

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s eight-day state visit to India, which will come to an end on Saturday, may be the least successful foray into that country since the repelled Mongol invasions of the 13th century. Never mind the snubbing at … Continue reading

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Alveda King on Passing of Rev. Graham: He’s Departed Earth to Receive a Warrior’s Reward

Dr. Billy Graham has departed earth to receive A Warrior’s Reward. Many will note the many contributions of the life and legacy of Dr. Billy Graham today in honor and recognition of this great Christian warrior who has reached millions … Continue reading

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