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Oregon company designs/builds a different kind of nuclear reactor

PORTLAND, Ore. — An Oregon company is changing the way we think about nuclear power and it’s doing it with smaller, cheaper and safer nuclear reactors. The company behind these very different kinds of nuclear reactors is called NuScale. It … Continue reading

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A Bizarre Form of Water May Exist All Over the Universe | Hot Ice

The findings, published this week inNature, confirm the existence of “superionic ice,” a new phase of water with bizarre properties. Unlike the familiar ice found in your freezer or at the north pole, superionic ice is black and hot. A cube … Continue reading

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EMP Electromagnetic Pulse: Countermeasures Urgently Needed | National Review

But there is some good news, according to the EMP Commission Chairman’s Report: “Protecting and defending the national electric grid and other critical infrastructures from EMP can be accomplished at reasonable cost and minimal disruption to the present systems.” Protecting … Continue reading

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Google Censors the Claremont Institute 

Claremont president Ryan Williams explained in a Twitter thread Sunday evening, which I have unspooled here: A thread on Google suppression of free thought: The Claremont Institute has launched a campaign to engage our fellow citizens in discussion and debate about what … Continue reading

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A new camera from China can photograph you from 28 Miles away – MIT Technology Review

Developed in China, the lidar-based system can cut through city smog to resolve human-sized features at vast distances. Source: A new camera can photograph you from 45 kilometers away – MIT Technology Review

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Study says ancient Romans may have built Earthquake Resistance into structures

Stephane Brûlé, a civil engineer at a Lyon-based company called Menard, demonstrated the possibility of this kind of large-scale acoustic and seismic cloaking a few years ago with colleagues from the Fresnel Institute in Marseille. The researchers drilled a periodic array … Continue reading

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FarmWise’s giant robots are death machines for weeds

“We offer farmers a way to kill the weeds in the field using absolutely no chemicals,” says Sébastien Boyer, cofounder & CEO of FarmWise, the Silicon Valley startup that designed the robot. It’s a way to solve a growing problem: Farmers … Continue reading

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