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Walking is the superfood of fitness

Walking is the superfood of fitness, experts say | Reuters.  

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Reptilians Running the Government

How to Spot the Reptilians Running the U.S. Government – The Wire. “As 12 million Americans “know,” the United States government is run by lizard people (or, to be scientifically accurate, reptilians). But they never said whichmembers of the government are the reptilians. So we’re … Continue reading

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California Decides That It Does Want Government In The Bedroom » Pirates Cove

California Decides That It Does Want Government In The Bedroom » Pirates Cove. “This sure seems like Government telling people how to act in their own bedrooms, does it not? BTW, why is there such a supposedly huge issue with … Continue reading

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Duck Dog


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She Finds Herself Fascinating

davidthompson: She Finds Herself Fascinating. The Selfie of all Selfies. She’s is the person that she has been waiting for! “Tim Blair marvels at the diffidence of leftist opinionator, Guardian contributor and soon-to-be Doctor of Creative Practice, Margo Kingston:  This [need for research … Continue reading

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Late 60’s NYC

James Jowers Flickr

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Iran: Woman Killed Rapist & Sentenced to Death

Iran postpones execution of woman accused of killing attempted rapist | Fox News. The real war on Women continues without protest from western feminists. ““I am currently handcuffed and there is a car waiting outside to take me for the … Continue reading

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