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S.F. Police Chief William Scott justifies journalist raid with criminal conspiracy allegation | If Trump Did This There Would Be No Doubt

Amid national outcry, San Francisco Police Chief William Scott is on his heels after raiding a reporter’s home for refusing to disclose the name of a source. On Tuesday, Scott held a news conference to say he suspects freelance reporter Bryan Carmody … Continue reading

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How to Detect a Hidden Camera Using Android Phones

If you suspect you’re being watched via a hidden camera somewhere in your house or private space, your Android phone is a useful tool for detecting certain types of surveillance equipment. Although not full-proof, it’s possible to use your Android phone’s … Continue reading

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Activists are suing Canada over plans to build a smart city in Toronto | Progress or Privacy

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association has filed a legal challenge against all three levels of the country’s government in a bid to put a stop to the scheme led by Sidewalk Labs, a Google subsidiary. Specifically: The lawsuit seeks to end … Continue reading

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Bots drove nearly 40% of internet traffic last year — and the naughty ones are getting smarter

Distil Networks today published its 2019 Bad Bot Report, which looks at the current state of automated web traffic, both good and bad. The paper highlights some startling figures, including that bots accounted for 37.9 percent of all online traffic during 2018. … Continue reading

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Router security: WPA2 or WPA3 best; never use easily hackable WEP

The bad news: most people don’t give a second thought to their routers. This lack of know-how puts a lot of households in a dangerous position. The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) has issued an alert about Russian … Continue reading

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US could soon end Obama mass phone surveillance program exposed by Snowden

The US government might put an end to the controversial NSA phone surveillance program Edward Snowden exposed by the end of 2019. Republican congressional national security adviser Luke Murry revealed during a Lawfare podcast that Congress might not renew the USA Freedom Act, which authorizes the agency’s … Continue reading

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Jordan Peterson on why being “TOO NICE” will ruin your life | Amen Brothers & Sisters

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