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Tucker Carlson: NBC is disgusted by Trump, would never tolerate paying off female accusers – except under extreme circumstances 

In other words, Trump paid off former girlfriends. So, let’s assume that happened. We don’t know for certain that it did; we’d need videotape to prove that. For the sake of debate, let’s just say it did. Why would sending … Continue reading

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Hollywood Is a Sex-Grooming Gang

The New York Times, with the cooperation of a washed-up talent manager who, at 75, decided to open his mouth about Moonves, reported on how the triangular sex trade works in Hollywood. Innocent young sweet pea from some place like South Carolina hits … Continue reading

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Egyptian actress opens up about dress at center of obscenity trial | Islam Isn’t Fashion Friendly

CAIRO — An Egyptian actress facing trial on public obscenity charges for wearing a revealing dress says she didn’t mean to offend anyone and appealed to her detractors to believe in her good intentions. Egyptian actress charged with obscenity for … Continue reading

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Inside the world of AI that forges beautiful art and terrifying deepfakes – GAN’s 

GANs are having a bit of a cultural moment. They are responsible for the first piece of AI-generated artwork sold at Christie’s, as well as the category of fake digital images known as “deepfakes.” Their secret lies in the way two … Continue reading

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Barack and Michelle Obama Could Turn Themselves into a Billion-Dollar Brand | Profiting From the Presidency

Barack and Michelle Obama have received $65 million in book advances for their memoirs, according to multiple sources, including The New York Post.. The Democratic power couple also recently signed an eyebrow-raising deal with Netflix to create streaming content. That’s an arrangement that … Continue reading

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Real Men Are Real Dads

Working late and had only 3hrs sleep when this tornado 🌪 busts in our bedroom, jumps on me and pleads with me to get up and take her to my closet (she keeps toys in my closet) to play. We … Continue reading

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The Truth Is Out There – But I Don’t Think This Is It

Was 9/11 an alien conspiracy cover up? That’s just one of the many shocking claims about to be made in the intense new documentary Above Majestic, which explores one of the biggest and craziest secrets in American history. There’s movie … Continue reading

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