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Nature or Nurture? Twins Study Helps Sort Out Genes’ Role in Disease | 40% Are Genetic

MONDAY, Jan. 14, 2019 (HealthDay News) — Two of every five common diseases are at least partially influenced by a person’s genetics, the largest U.S. study of twins ever conducted finds. Nearly 40 percent of 560 different diseases have a … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Vladimir Putin Meeting Secret Story | National Review

It is now clear that these stories were misleading, if not mostly false. First, they neglected to mention that the president’s decision to restrict access to read-outs of his two one-on-one meetings with Putin were due to the extraordinary number … Continue reading

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Ukraine OKs Property Law That Could Affect 12,000 Churches

The bill could potentially affect some 12,000 churches in Ukraine and vast amounts of property, including the gems of Orthodox Christianity like the vast Pechersk Monastery (Monastery of the Caves) in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. The Ecumenical Patriarch of … Continue reading

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UN: DR Congo ethnic violence kills nearly 900 in a few days

At least 890 people are believed to have been killed in ethnic violence in northwestern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) last month, the United Nations human rights office said on Wednesday, warning that the actual toll could be higher still. … Continue reading

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Genesis Piano Project Live In Italy- “Ripples” – YouTube

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They’re Not Sending Their Best… Leader of Latest Migrant Caravan in Honduras Arrested on Rape Charges

Police in Honduras arrested one of the organizing members of a new caravan of migrants who are seeking to reach the U.S. border. Police arrested the caravan organizer — serving a warrant on the charge of rape. Authorities have confirmed … Continue reading

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Checking in on Sweden | Frontpage Mag

I’ve told this one before. Back in 2005, Mona Sahlin, who from 2002 to 2004 had served as Sweden’s minister of integration, told an audience at a Swedish mosque that many native Swedes envied them, because, she said, immigrants have … Continue reading

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