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Armed Federal Agents Seize ‘Massive Store’ Of Rebuilding Materials Kept From Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Victims

“The Associated Press reported last week that FEMA has been desperately importing electrical rescue crews, trying to get the island back to full power. But the crews themselves have faced a massive shortage of equipment and necessary parts — a … Continue reading

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Venezuela Socialism Is So Great That Doctors and Teachers Are Now Hooking For Food

“We all know Venezuela is a socialist hellhole. The people have to deal with energy shortages and the resulting rolling blackouts. Basic items, like toilet paper, are lacking. They’re eating dogs, cats, and even zoo animals due to food shortages. … Continue reading

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White House Meeting – Profanities Were Exchanged

“Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said Tuesday that numerous people used profanities in an impassioned Oval Office meeting on immigration last week but she didn’t recall President Donald Trump using a vulgarity to refer to Haiti and African nations. Nielsen faced … Continue reading

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Mike Rowe: The Science Guy

via Higher Education for Snowflakes: Mike Rowe Schools Stupid Bright – American Digest  “…When I wrote about this discrepancy, people became upset. They thought I was making fun of science. They thought I was suggesting that because physicists were off … Continue reading

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Alveda King: Outrageous to call Trump ‘racist’

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73 percent of terrorism-related offenders over last 15 years were foreign-born

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen testifies Tuesday in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on a new DHS study, which found U.S. federal courts convicted at least 549 people with international terrorism-related charges between Sept. 11, 2001 and Dec. 31, … Continue reading

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Durbin/Trump: What Really Happened – Maybe

I had a dream last night. Actually it was more of an insight that puts all the comments from the ‘shit hole’ meeting into context. Trump just shut down the DACA/Immigration plan presented by Durbin and Graham. They are not … Continue reading

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