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Oregon’s Troubling Public Pensions

PERS: Oregon’s public pension price tag is looking big in 2017 | Oregon public pensions are eating up tax dollars faster than they can be collected. Politicians are unable and unwilling to fight the unions and taxpayers are already … Continue reading

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Sports: How much water should you drink?

How much water should you drink? Research is changing what we know about our fluid needs – The Globe and Mail. “A growing number of studies have hinted that the two-per-cent rule is flawed. For example, when French researchers weighed … Continue reading

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Carly goes Reagan

Don Surber: Carly goes Reagan. “Her ability to stay on message without repeating the same worn talking point four times is nothing short of remarkable. She told National Review Online that she learned how to hone a message when a … Continue reading

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Venezuela’s Protest Government

Venezuela’s Opposition Supporters Protest Government – WSJ. “Government officials insist that there are no political prisoners in Venezuela. Human rights groups and judicial watchdog organizations, however, have said that the country’s courts have been cowed by his ruling Socialist party. … Continue reading

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The Mystery of the Margate Shell Grotto

The Mystery of the Margate Shell Grotto ~ Kuriositas. “In 1835 a labourer was digging a field just outside the English seaside town of Margate. His work was interrupted when he thrust his spade in to the soil and it … Continue reading

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Pro-Crime Policies Work

Sultan Knish: Pro-Crime Policies Work. “And not just in Baltimore. Murders are up 60% in Bill de Blasio’s New York City. 23 people were shot in 16 shooting incidents over the weekend. The complaints by local residents are the same. … Continue reading

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Magical Thinking of Bernie Sanders

davidthompson: Elsewhere (164). “Kevin D Williamson corrects the comedy economics of U.S. senator Bernie Sanders:  Prices in markets are not arbitrary — they are reflections of how real people actually value certain goods and services in the real world. Arbitrarily changing … Continue reading

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