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Ha: AG Barr Had a Brutal Joke for Pelosi This Morning

Today at a law enforcement ceremony at Capitol: AG Barr approached Pelosi, shook her hand: “Madam Speaker, did you bring your handcuffs?” Pelosi smiled and, per a bystander, told Barr the House Sergeant at Arms was there should an arrest … Continue reading

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Stumptown Trailer | Fun In Portland 

…occasionally, it’s a time for even more sober reflection along the lines of, “Huh, I guess they correctly figured out I was the audience for that.” That’s what happened with this trailer for ABC’s upcoming show Stumptown, an adaptation of … Continue reading

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Carol Burnett Show outtakes – Tim Conway’s Elephant Story – YouTube

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Wing Man 911

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A Tale of Two Shities: Portland and San Franciso – It’s Not An Addiction If It’s Art

And meanwhile, in Portland’s sister shitty to the south, San Francisco, the shit has risen so high that the poo map is full and growing a darker brown by the day. Result? SF is morphing from shithole city of the … Continue reading

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30 Common, English Idioms and the History Behind Them | Bachelor’s Degree

Every language and dialect involves its own complex system of idioms, metaphors and other bits of figurative language that oftentimes perplex non-native speakers. 7. “Bring home the bacon:” Etymologists remain unsure as to where exactly this particularly tasty idiom came from, … Continue reading

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“an ape figuring out how to use a smartphone is the beginning of the end for us idiots… “

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