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Billionaires Charles Koch, George Soros Want Criminal Justice Reform

Billionaires Charles Koch, George Soros to Team Up on Criminal Justice Reform in 2015 | Ben Swann Truth In Media Perhaps 2015 will be a year for putting aside differences and cooperating on issues that everyone can agree on. Soros-Koch … Continue reading

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Baby Its Cold Outside – Timeless

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Sony Hack: Sacked Employees

Sony hack: sacked employees could be to blame, researchers claim | Film | The Guardian.

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Mars coffin: why do we see faces

Mars coffin: why do we see faces and suspicious objects on the surface of other planets? – The Independent.

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Nobody Home

Nobody Home – Futility Closet. “For more than 500 million years something has been making hexagonal burrows on the floor of the deep sea. Each network of tiny holes leads to a system of tunnels under the surface. The creature … Continue reading

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The Sitcom Code

Cracking the Sitcom Code – The Atlantic. “From The Simpsons to Seinfeld, from Everybody Loves Raymond to Everybody Hates Chris, from Taxi to Arrested Development to Parks & Recreation, there is a highly-specific, minute-by-minute recipe used to write the vast majority of sitcoms out there. And once you know the formula, … Continue reading

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Big Boobs and Propriety gave us The Stethoscope

How Fat, Big Boobs, and Propriety gave us The Stethoscope – 19th century Random – history of medicine stethoscope – History Confidential. “Before there were Xrays, MRI’s, Sonograms and Cat Scans,First stethoscope doctors had no way of knowing what was … Continue reading

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