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davidthompson: They Hover Above Us, Glowing With Wisdom

And the glare is dazzling: Monica Gagliano says that she has received Yoda-like advice from trees and shrubbery. She recalls being rocked like a baby by the spirit of a fern. She has ridden on the back of an invisible bear conjured … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Shities: Portland and San Franciso – It’s Not An Addiction If It’s Art

And meanwhile, in Portland’s sister shitty to the south, San Francisco, the shit has risen so high that the poo map is full and growing a darker brown by the day. Result? SF is morphing from shithole city of the … Continue reading

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Naive American ‘crypto-anarchist’ fled the USA. He was just killed in Mexico’s ‘murder capital’ by Real Anarchists

Bathed in the sunlight of Mexico’s dry season, his dreadlocks tumbling down his back, a man who went by the name “John Galton,” an apparent nod to the hero of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged,” observed almost two years ago, “There’s … Continue reading

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Crashes on the rise in states with legal pot, IIHS says – Roadshow

Collisions are up by about 6 percent in states that have legalized recreational marijuana use, according to new research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and its partner, the Highway Data Loss Institute. Their findings are consistent with the … Continue reading

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Medical marijuana increases pain threshold for patients

Drugs derived from an active ingredient in marijuana (CBD) produced only modest increases in pain threshold and tolerance but no reduction in ongoing intensity. “The available research has been primarily focused on cannabinoid drugs that produce psychoactive side-effects, so the … Continue reading

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Minivan Embedded In Side Of House | Don’t See This Every Day

The minivan’s driver Alva Richards, 35, of Waubeka, was disoriented in the driver’s seat when a deputy arrived. He eventually jumped or fell about 15 feet to the ground. He was charged with recklessly endangering safety and possession of marijuana. … Continue reading

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Pot Politics: Schumer Joins Politicians Rethinking Marijuana | Love the Photo

 Chuck The Sorcerer and Apprentice WASHINGTON (AP) — The top Senate Democrat is using marijuana’s informal holiday to announce a change of heart about the drug, another sign of the growing political acceptance of pot. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer … Continue reading

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FDA committee recommends first cannabis derivative medicine | 1st of Many

Cannabidiol — CBD for short — is a cannabis derivative and the approval would be limited to treating seizures caused by Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome in patients aged 2 and older. “Epidiolex represents hope for the many individuals living … Continue reading

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London murder rate beats New York for month as stabbings surge | No Gun, use a knife.

London became a bit more like New York City in February, but it’s not a distinction to be proud of. The city of Big Ben and the tube overtook New York in murders for the first time in modern history … Continue reading

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Calif. Pot Industry Staying Illegal to Escape State’s High Taxes, Onerous Regulations

As of Thursday, California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control has sent about 980 warning letters to unlicensed pot sellers and ordered a marketing company to stop advertising vendors who don’t have permits, Bureau Chief of Communications Alex Traverso told Less … Continue reading

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