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Clear as a Democrat-Progressive-Leftist Can Get

Protests clarify their cynical tactics via Maggie’s Farm Advertisements

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Kanye West & The Thought Police: Never Thought I’d Agree With Him | Bravo

Kanye West‘s weekend of tweeting continues with some messages for the “thought police.” Just yesterday morning, West tweeted a personal endorsement of Candace Owens, a big Trump supporter and communications director for Turning Point USA. He’s gotten criticism for promoting … Continue reading

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NBC News star Chuck Todd on conflicts of interest: ‘That’s my wife. That’s not me’

Lord also pointed out that the NBC News star’s wife also donated to 2016 Democratic vice-presidential nominee Tim Kaine, and that  her company received millions from the Bernie Sanders campaign. “Todd never felt any need to disclose this during his three … Continue reading

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Nomadic divers evolve larger spleens to stay underwater for 13 minutes, scientists find

A tribe of nomadic divers has evolved larger spleens to allow them to catch fish more than 200 feet underwater, scientists have discovered. For more than 1,000 years the Bajau population of Indonesia, has travelled the southeast Asian seas in … Continue reading

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Barbara Bush-Hating Fresno State Professor Passes Out Her Fake Number, Floods Suicide Crisis Hotline With Calls | She is a Bad Person – Arrest Her

The professor who came under fire for celebrating the death of former first lady Barbara Bush has caused another college’s mental health crisis hotline to become flooded with calls after she posted the number online as her own. …“Barbara Bush … Continue reading

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Ohio councilman apologizes for making insensitive comments about teen who died in van

An Ohio councilman apologized to the family of a teen, who died in a van after calling 911 twice pleading for help, for making insensitive comments during a council meeting. Cincinnati City Councilman Wendell Young told Kyle Plush’s family members … Continue reading

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Southwest Airlines flight heroes desperately tried to save mom

Tim McGinty told FOX4 he tried to pull Riordan back in the plane — but couldn’t do it alone. “The engine went out and had a lady go out the window, and we couldn’t pull her in,” McGinty said. “A guy … Continue reading

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