Fine & Mellow – Lady Day

via Mick Hartley: Fine and Mellow

“Last week we had an all-star line-up with Count Basie and Dickie’s Dream. Billie Holiday was among the jazz greats on display, wandering around, leaning over Basie as he played. She’s didn’t sing, then. Now she does.

From the same date – New York, 1957 – but slightly different personnel.

This is what she came for:

Soloists: Ben Webster — tenor saxophone, Lester Young — tenor saxophone, Vic Dickenson — trombone, Gerry Mulligan — baritone saxophone, Coleman Hawkins — tenor saxophone, Roy Eldridge — trumpet.”

The performance is amazing, but I can’t help noticing her dead eyes. The lyrics mimic her troubled life filled with bad relationships, drugs and alcohol.   Even super-start get the blues.

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A Europe We Can Believe In | Resist The EU & Globalism

via A Europe We Can Believe In | Zero Hedge


In early October a group of European intellectuals published a conservative manifesto with 36 tenets defending ‘old Europe’ and its values, which we are republishing today in full:

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HELL FREEZES OVER=> Chelsea Handler Tells Juanita Broaddrick She Believes Bill Clinton Raped Her

via HELL FREEZES OVER=> Chelsea Handler Tells Juanita Broaddrick She Believes Bill Clinton Raped Her

Stop Hillary at any cost, including outing Bill for his many sexual crimes. Is the Clinton Foundation next or will that take down too many fellow Dems? Stay tuned.

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NPR Chairman Steps Down As It Grapples With Harassment Crisis

“As NPR’s Board of Directors meet in Washington, D.C., this week, the network finds itself confronted by a series of dispiriting developments: a CEO on medical leave; a chief news executive forced out over sexual harassment allegations; the sudden resignation of a board chairman; fresh complaints over inappropriate behavior by colleagues; and a network roiled by tensions over the treatment of its female workers.

On Wednesday, NPR Board Chairman Roger LaMay announced that he was stepping down at the end of his second one-year term. LaMay, who remains on the board, said he needed to devote more time to running the popular Philadelphia public radio music station WXPN, where he is general manager.

However, according to a knowledgeable source, LaMay is the subject of a complaint filed with NPR alleging past inappropriate behavior. Few additional details are currently known.”

via Chairman Steps Down As NPR Grapples With Harassment Crisis : NPR

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North Korean Missile Shoot Down Strategy

via Downing North Korean Missiles Is Hard. So the U.S. Is Experimenting. – The New York Times

Three Layers of Defense Against North Korean Missiles

Washington is responding to the North Korean nuclear threat with a rush of money to strengthen old antimissile systems and inaugurate new ones. The diagram shows a mix of current and proposed options for defeating the North’s long-range missiles.

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Florida Dem chairman Bittel resigns over creepiness – Should Christians Eject Non-conforming Believers Like Abortion Activist Pelosi?

via Florida Democratic Party chairman Stephen Bittel resigns over creepiness – CBS News

Florida Democratic Party chairman Stephen Bittel resigns over creepiness“TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — The chairman of the Florida Democratic Party is stepping down following a report that he makes women feel uncomfortable.

Stephen Bittel said it was “time for him to step aside” in the wake of a Politico report quoting anonymous women who said that Bittel would leer at them, make comments about their appearances or breasts and exhibit other behavior that made them uncomfortable. He also had a breast-shaped stress ball in his office.

None of the women said he groped or assaulted them.”

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When the Cheap and Dirty Loses Its Punch – Suzanne Fields

When the Cheap and Dirty Loses Its Punch

“Caitlin Flanagan in The Atlantic liberal magazine draws a direct line from the defense the Democrats provided Clinton to the indulgence they granted Weinstein for years. “The widespread liberal response to the sex-crime accusations against Bill Clinton found their natural consequence 20 years later in the behavior of Harvey Weinstein: Stay loudly and publicly and extravagantly on the side of signal leftists causes and you can do what you want in the privacy of your offices and hotel rooms,” she says. Gloria Steinem has got to be ashamed of how she allowed her left-wing politics to slut-shame and victim-blame his accusers, who were credible witnesses all.

Flanagan wants the Democratic Party and the “machine” feminists to be held accountable for being on the wrong side of women abused by Clinton. And there are lessons here for the Republican Party, too, in what happens to senatorial candidate Roy Moore in Alabama.”

via When the Cheap and Dirty Loses Its Punch – Suzanne Fields

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