Pope: It’s better to be an atheist than a bad Christian – What! 

Pope: It’s better to be an atheist than a bad Christian – CNN.com

I hope he means that taking ‘Gods name in vain’, as in using ‘God’ in a way to lead people away from the true one God is worse than not believing in God.

Unfortunately I don’t think that’s why he is saying. I think he is using God for political reasons.


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The Dark Side of Twins: The Haunting Case of June and Jennifer Gibbons | Stranger Than Fiction

Silent Twins: The Haunting Case of June and Jennifer Gibbons | The Lineup

“Amazingly, the two had never spoken to anyone else their entire lives. Instead, they communicated with each other in a strange, birdlike language only they could understand…

At age 14, the twins were separated in an attempt to encourage socialization. They responded by slipping into catatonic states. Doctors and family members reunited the siblings thereafter, and they spent the next few years holed up their room, performing intricate plays for one another and writing extensively in their diaries.”

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The Left Loves Ideas

Source: KA-CHING!

That’s why they love Cuba, Fidel, Che, Venezuela…. Killers all.

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‘High-Five Fridays’ for Police and Students Are Killed by the Left | It’s Important To Keep Kids Afraid of Cops

‘High-Five Fridays’ for Police and Students Are Killed by the Left | LifeZette

“A Massachusetts police department has ended a program called “High-Five Fridays” that brought local law enforcement into schools to greet elementary students. Why? Because residents raised concerns that the sight of uniformed police in the halls might scare minority children, undocumented children, or children who have had negative experiences with police.

There’s one problem with this thinking: Ninety percent of Northampton is white, according to the most recent U.S. Census data. Another problem: Kids are getting exactly the wrong message about law enforcement when positive and “hands on” interactions with local police are now being eliminated.”

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Denver Ignored ICE Detainers for Two Subsequent Murderers

Denver Ignored ICE Detainers for Two Subsequent Murderers | LifeZette

“The Denver Sheriff’s Department is awash in outrage after failing to honor a detention order from Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials for an illegal immigrant who went on to commit first-degree murder.

The city of Denver has been the location of two recent cases of fatal crimes committed by illegal immigrants who had already found themselves on authorities’ radar. In one of the cases, the Denver County Jail released in December Ever Valles, a 19-year-old Mexican citizen — even though ICE had issued a detainer for Valles. The illegal alien subsequently was charged last week for aggravated robbery and first-degree murder.”

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Washington Post: ‘Democracy Dies in Darkness’ and We’re Here to Turn The Lights Out

“The Washington Post — or as I prefer to call it, the swamp newsletter of record — has a new motto. If you go to its website, you’ll find it at the top of the page situated right beneath the main title: “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” A motto so dark and portentous one imagines WaPo owner Jeff Bezos has given over editorial control of the paper to a Ouija board.

Washington Post Appoints Itself the Defender of Democracy | LifeZette

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Boy, 14, charged with beating classmate, 12, into coma

“The 14-year-old suburban Chicago middle school student put on electronic home monitoring after allegedly body-slamming boy who bumped into him”

Source: Boy, 14, charged with beating classmate, 12, into coma – CBS News

Kids are dangerous! See ‘Lord of the Flies’

They have little capacity to understand the consequences of their actions, any action. Most kids in this country live in a protected world where experience is gained through TV, Movies & Games. Is the 14 year old a bad kid? Hard to tell, but he did hurt this boy who may be injured for life. There will be consequences.


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