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Self Control: The Overlooked Key to Wealth and Health | If You Can’t Control Yourself Someone Else Will

A recent study followed 1,000 children into adulthood. Researchers rated levels of self-control in the children and mapped those levels out on a gradient scale, with a higher number on the scale corresponding to a higher level of self-control. They found that … Continue reading

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Biological signalling processes in intelligent materials | Cyborg On The Way

“Thanks to major progress in our understanding of the components and wiring of biological signalling processes, we are now at a stage where we can transfer biological modules from synthetic biology to materials”, explains lead researcher Prof. Wilfried Weber from … Continue reading

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It Was Raining Outside And They Were Promised Sandwiches | The Place where Art Goes to Die

Sshh. Art is happening. Today it’s the art of Ms Nika López, seen below as she “establishes an intimate relationship” between herself and nature. Specifically, an indoor pile of dirt. Thereby, of course, permitting us to behold, “The connection with the … Continue reading

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Something’s Just Not Right

Source: Maggie’s Farm

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Oregon woman found alive after driving off Big Sur cliff a week ago | Girls Got Grit 

The Monterey County Sheriff’s issued a statement saying that she had been found Friday about 200 feet down a cliff, the station reported. “Her vehicle was partially in the water,” the statement said. “She was found by two people walking … Continue reading

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Three Black GOP Interns: Uber Denied Us a Ride Because of Our Trump Support | Democrats Are Crazed by, Well Almost Everything

Summer interns working in Washington, D.C., were holding Make America Great Again hats in their hands — and because of that, all three African-American students were refused service by an Uber driver earlier this week. One was already in the … Continue reading

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More than 130,000 injured vets due big tax refunds because of computer glitch

For 25 years, between 1991 and 2016, a computer glitch at the agency caused non-taxable disability severance payments to be subject to income taxes, a Defense Department official told CBS MoneyWatch. The government is now trying to help veterans or … Continue reading

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