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Oregon’s Sad Focus on ‘Happiness’

Oregon’s Sad Focus on ‘Happiness’ | “Oregon’s parallel-universe approach to economics persisted even during the worst of the 2007-09 recession, with the state tightening its regulatory vise while raising income taxes to the highest levels outside California and Hawaii. … Continue reading

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Crime Jazz: Davis, Basie & Ellington

Crime Jazz: How Miles Davis, Count Basie & Duke Ellington Created Soundtracks for Noir Films & TV – Open Culture. “Previously, movie music meant sweeping orchestral themes or traditional Broadway-style musicals,” says PopCult. “But with the growing popularity of bebop … Continue reading

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The Truth about the One Percent

The Truth about the One Percent. Just $307,000 qualified a person to be in the top 1 percent which, Piereson points out, does not go very far in cities like New York or San Francisco. Moreover, the top 1 percent … Continue reading

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GM: 13 Dead, 33 Accidents, 10 yr Cover Up, Only $35 million fine

NHTSA launches probe into Cobalt recall; GM issues another apology – Will the NTSB go easy on the union owned car company? I hope not.

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NYT/CBS Poll: 6% Say Obamacare is Working

NYT/CBS Poll: Six Percent Say Obamacare is Working, Should Remain Intact – Guy Benson. (5) On Obamacare, it seems as though this pollster has stopped asking the binary support/oppose question, on which the law has consistently been upside down by 12 … Continue reading

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Mission Impossible Phone

Mess With Boeing’s New Smartphone And It Will Self-Destruct – ABC News. “One of its security features is self-destructing if it gets into the wrong hands, although not quite in the Mission Impossible sense. According to the company’s letter to the … Continue reading

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‘Portlandia’ Is Almost True

‘Portlandia’ Duo Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein Discuss the Secrets to the Cult Show’s Success – The Daily Beast. The Portland area has been my home since the 70’s and Portlandia captures the spirit of the place.  I must confess … Continue reading

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Bud and Travis -“Golden Apples In The Sun”

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Harold Ramis on Ground Hog Day

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Rich, Young Flee Welfare State

France’s Reckoning: Rich, Young Flee Welfare State – World – CBN News – Christian News 24-7 – Enslave the rich, make them work and take their money, is not a successful strategy.  “The French have had it,” Moutet told CBN … Continue reading

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