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‘Do you fear me?’: Venezuelan Socialist Maduro vows to gatecrash regional summit

Peru’s center-right government this week said Maduro would not be welcome at the Summit of the Americas in April, reinforcing his growing diplomatic isolation during a crackdown on dissent and a brutal economic crisis in Venezuela. “Do you fear me? … Continue reading

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FBI Informant Testifies: Moscow Routed Millions To Clinton Foundation In “Russian Uranium Dominance Strategy” | Real Russian Collusion

Undercover FBI informant William Campbell has given written testimony to Congressional investigators after an “iron clad” gag order was lifted in October Campbell was a highly valued CIA and FBI asset deeply embedded in the Russian nuclear industry while Robert Mueller … Continue reading

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South Australia is giving away Tesla batteries so it can build the world’s biggest virtual power plant

The South Australian government has revealed an ambitious plan to connect 50,000 homes using solar power generation and Tesla batteries to create 250-megawatt (MW) virtual power plant (VPP) — the world’s biggest. On the first day following the announcement, South … Continue reading

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DOJ Documents Show Carter Page Helped FBI Catch Russian Spies

The information above formed a part of the DOJ and FBI’s basis for charging Sporyshev and Podobnyy with conspiracy to violate the Foreign Agents Registration Act, as the rest of Monaghan’s sealed complaint goes on to detail. So, if Carter … Continue reading

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A New Kind of Gas Engine

It has 6 pistons, 3 cylinders, runs on gas, no spark plugs and 0 valves.

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Manmade quakes force Dutch to face future without gas

“”They call our gas extraction ‘the Dutch disease,’” said Jorien de Lege of Friends of the Earth. “(Gas) gave us great wealth, because our governments … got the revenue from all the gas and so our cities have blossomed because … Continue reading

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Tax Cuts: European CEOs Go One By One To Tell Mentally Unfit Trump That They Are Investing Billions In The US | Crazy Like a Fox

  “In a stunning moment, one by one, European titans of industry from companies like Adidas, Siemens and Bayer went around the table to thank Trump for the passage of tax cuts and the easing of corporate tax burdens. Almost … Continue reading

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