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Don Surber: The Trumpenfreude List

This is the official Trumpenfreude List of people who made the mistake of starting a feud with President Donald John Trump. Each wound up worse for the ordeal. Check back from time to time. The list continues to grow, which … Continue reading

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‘America’s Got Talent’ features blind singer with autism  | Books and Covers – Kodi the Broken

Source: ‘America’s Got Talent’ features blind singer with autism and his moving performance

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A Popular Vegan Blogger Just Revealed She’s Eating Meat Again—Here’s Why

  Virpi Mikkonen, cookbook author and plant-based food blogger at Vanelja, recently announced her decision to eat meat and other animal products again. The Finnish entrepreneur said her decade of following a mostly vegan diet led to health concerns like … Continue reading

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How Progressivism Enabled the Rise of the Populist Right – Quillette

Right-wing populists have won an unprecedented 57 seats in elections to the European Union’s Parliament, up from 30 in 2014. In Hungary, Viktor Orban’s Fidesz won a majority of 52 percent. In Italy, Matteo Salvini’s Lega topped the poll at … Continue reading

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German official advises Jews to avoid wearing traditional yarmulkes amid rising anti-Semitism | Guess Who?

The symbol became the center of public awareness over the current hatred endured by some Jews when an Israeli Arab wore a kippah in Berlin recently as an experiment. Video of the man being subjected to verbal abuse and an … Continue reading

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New York Times: War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Abortion is Life. 

If anyone doubts that we truly live in Orwellian times, Rod Serling would like to submit this New York Times op-ed title for your consideration. “Pregnancy Kills. Abortion Saves Lives.” The New York Times The obvious parallel is George Orwell’s … Continue reading

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David Warren – American Digest

“One forgets — purposely in my case — that a large part of the general public cannot cope with wit, drollness, or rhetorical conceits, is rendered apoplectic by dark humour, couldn’t get facts straight if they tried, and cannot read with … Continue reading

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