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Jordan Peterson: Reality and the Sacred


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3 Palestinian Supporters arrested in firebomb attack on Swedish synagogue | Anti-Israel is Anti-Semitism

“HELSINKI — Three people have been arrested for allegedly throwing firebombs at a synagogue in the Swedish city of Goteborg, the second anti-Jewish attack in the Nordic nation in two days…. No one was injured in the attack late Saturday … Continue reading

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“Pocahontas” Warren: The Ultimate Cultural Appropriation | S. Fields

“President Donald Trump thinks of himself as the comedian-in-chief for reprising Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren as the butt of his pointed political satire. To her consternation, he draws chuckles, if not guffaws, when calling her “Pocahontas,” the celebrated squaw of … Continue reading

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Faking Sea Level Rise

“In a new paper published in Earth Systems and Environment this month, Australian scientists Dr. Albert Parker and Dr. Clifford Ollier uncover evidence that Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level (PSMSL) overseers appear to have been engaging in the “highly questionable” … Continue reading

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Self-Righteous Violence – Antifa

“If you’re even barely intelligent and mildly educated, you’d realize that ideas such as “guilt by association” and “two wrongs make a right” are commonly accepted logical fallacies. One needn’t be particularly bright, nor even fully pubescent, to grasp this. … Continue reading

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Climate Change Fear Causes Mental Illness

via Earthquake Hits Delaware: You Know What This Means, Right? » Pirate’s Cove “There’s been some confusion in terms of actual power. It was originally reported as a 5.1, then seemed to be downgraded to 4.4, then the USGS makes … Continue reading

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Update: Charges Dropped | Support Mom – Sue The School

via Charges dropped against mom who put recorder in child’s backpack – NY Daily News “I can breathe,” Sims told the outlet. “This boulder I’ve had on my chest for weeks was just alleviated. I slept pretty good for a … Continue reading

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