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True but Forbidden 26: White Privilege

Well, it’s not like white privilege is any big secret. Anyone can reach out and take some. Here’s how you do it: Go to school and study your ass off. Graduate from high school. Obey the law. Avoid recreational drugs and alcohol. … Continue reading

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Young people mostly unqualified for military service and careers

YORK, Pa. — The numbers are staggering: Seventy-one percent of young people are ineligible to join the military, according to 2017 Pentagon data. The reasons: obesity, no high school diploma or a criminal record. The problem isn’t just a military one, though: It’s an … Continue reading

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College majors with the worst return on investment

But salaries vary significantly within majors too. Some liberal arts majors make more than some engineering majors despite engineers making more overall. Notice: an 2 year Associate STEM degree is better than a 4 year Bachelor degree in Humanities, Liberal … Continue reading

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Colorado School Shooting Suspect Hated Christians and Trump

The social media posts by a suspect in the STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting in Colorado included opposition to “Christians who hate gays,” criticism of President Trump, and support for the left-wing Occupy Democrats…On his now-deleted Facebook account, [the alleged … Continue reading

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Horrible: Major British University Warns Jewish Students Not To Celebrate Israel Independence Day | Daily Wire

According to a tip provided to The Daily Wire by a Ph.D. student at the U.K.’s prestigious University of Leeds, the student union at the educational institutional recently deemed it appropriate to post something on Facebook warning students that they may not be happy … Continue reading

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Colorado school shooting vigil: Students walk out in protest of Democrat Gun control Pitch | Bravo

A vigil honoring Colorado high school shooting victim Kendrick Castillo dissolved into protest late Wednesday with some students walking out and others chanting “mental health” when speakers discussed gun control. More than 2,000 attended the vigil at STEM School Highlands Ranch High School, … Continue reading

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The Venezuelan Exodus

The Venezuelan exodus continues. These photos were taken in the Berlin highlands, between the cities of Cucuta to Bucaramanga. This stretch of the road is particularly tough, as it crosses an inclement tundra at nearly 3,500 meters above sea level. … Continue reading

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