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Australian Womens NationalTeam Loses 7-0 to 15 Year Old Boys Team

via Australia’s national women’s soccer team the Matildas lose 7-0 to an under FIFTEENS boys’ side Australia’s national women’s soccer team have suffered a devastating defeat in the lead up to the Rio Olympics – going down 7-0 to the Newcastle Jets … Continue reading

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Gorsuch, Kavanaugh shift the Supreme Court, but their differences are striking

Though Trump’s picks showed a willingness to move the court right, their disagreements have captured the most attention. Source: They’re not ‘wonder twins’: Gorsuch, Kavanaugh shift the Supreme Court, but their differences are striking

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Philip Glass – Musicbox – Wiener Glasharmonika Duo

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It’s Not A Bribe When You Use Other People’s Money | Yes It Is!

There are people in prison right now for bribery. Judges have been removed from the bench for taking bribes, and people sent to cells for extended periods for offering and/or accepting them. So why aren’t the candidates running for the … Continue reading

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Psychologist Can’t Figure Out Why Few Will Date A Trans Person | Why Complicate Your Life?

A recent Journal of Social and Personal Relationships study found that nearly 90 percent of survey respondents are not interested in dating transgender people. In a Psychology Today article on the study, coauthor Karen Blair implies these findings demonstrate significant discrimination—or at least an … Continue reading

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Truck driver accused of killing 7 bikers was immigrant who should have been deported – Conservative Review

When an American is killed by a foreign national, it is not more tragic or painful for the family members and society than it is when a person is killed by a citizen. However, from a public policy standpoint, it … Continue reading

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Navy’s Railgun Now Undergoing Tests In New Mexico, Could Deploy On Ship In Northwest – The Drive

The existing prototype weapon can fire solid spike-like kinetic projectiles, also known as Hyper-Velocity Projectiles (HVP), which destroy their targets by smashing into them rather than with an explosive warhead, at speeds up to Mach 6. The HVP program has now taken … Continue reading

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Guitar Moves with Keith Richards: “There’s Two Sides to Every Story” (Part 1) – Genius & Charming

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Tampering Past The Tipping Point | The Deplorable Climate Science Blog

Source: Tampering Past The Tipping Point | The Deplorable Climate Science Blog

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Portland drivers have one of highest crash rates in the nation, report says –

Portland’s drivers are some of the most crash-prone in the nation, according to an annual ranking by Allstate insurance released Tuesday. Allstate’s 15th annual America’s Best Driver’s report listed Portland as 181st safest driving city in the country. The ranking looked … Continue reading

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