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Colorado School Shooting Suspect Hated Christians and Trump

The social media posts by a suspect in the STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting in Colorado included opposition to “Christians who hate gays,” criticism of President Trump, and support for the left-wing Occupy Democrats…On his now-deleted Facebook account, [the alleged … Continue reading

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Colorado school shooting vigil: Students walk out in protest of Democrat Gun control Pitch | Bravo

A vigil honoring Colorado high school shooting victim Kendrick Castillo dissolved into protest late Wednesday with some students walking out and others chanting “mental health” when speakers discussed gun control. More than 2,000 attended the vigil at STEM School Highlands Ranch High School, … Continue reading

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Google Censors the Claremont Institute 

Claremont president Ryan Williams explained in a Twitter thread Sunday evening, which I have unspooled here: A thread on Google suppression of free thought: The Claremont Institute has launched a campaign to engage our fellow citizens in discussion and debate about what … Continue reading

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Florida Senate passes bill expanding armed teachers program

The bill seeks changes to a law enacted last year after a gunman killed 17 people in a rampage at a Parkland high school. While Democrats and Republicans agreed on nearly all other provisions in the bill, the one sticking … Continue reading

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Kamala Harris, Democrat: ‘I Own a Gun for Personal Safety’, Loved ICE and Her Family Owned Slaves 

Sen. Kamala Harris revealed Thursday that she’s a gun owner — but said she still wants stricter gun laws. “I am a gun owner. And I own a gun for probably the reason that a lot of people do, for … Continue reading

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Who Commits Most of the World’s Extremist Violence? 

Last week, the New York Times featured an illustrated timeline of “white extremist” killings over the last nine years, with lines demonstrating citation and affiliation among the killers. According to the Times, the record shows “an informal global network of white extremists whose violent … Continue reading

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The Gun School – American Digest

What I said to my “concerned” friends that asked was, “I like to collect permissions to do things.” I lied. Being freaked out that anyone they knew would take gun training and get a concealed weapons permit, they tacitly agreed … Continue reading

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