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Baltimore: 50 Years of Democrat Rule

Baltimore Is a Democrat Problem, Not America’s Problem “You can call the arson and looting and violence we are seeing on our television screens, rioting. That’s one way to describe the chaos. Another way to describe it is Democrat infighting. … Continue reading

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Ceres Bright Spots Poll

“Can you guess what’s creating those unusual bright spots on Ceres? On March 6, NASA’s Dawn spacecraft began orbiting Ceres, the largest body in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Even before the spacecraft arrived at the dwarf … Continue reading

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▶ Don’t Judge Blacks Differently

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Climate Alarmists fighting a losing battle: Nearly Half Of Young Americans Are Climate Skeptics

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?:
New Survey: Nearly Half Of Young Americans Are Climate Skeptics The Younger They Are, The More Skeptical ? In fact, the age group that least agreed with the statement that global warming is a…

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Get Potholes Fixed

4 | Anonymous Activist Gets Potholes Fixed By Drawing Giant Penises Around Them | Co.Design | business + design. “Like many cities, Manchester, England, is plagued with potholes. One half-mile stretch of road can have as many as 70 holes. … Continue reading

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▶ From Bump to Buzz

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Windows 10 to Run Android and iOS Phone Apps

Here’s how Microsoft hopes to get Android and iOS phone apps into its Windows 10 Store | ZDNet. “On the Android front, Microsoft is adding a layer to its Windows 10 Mobile operating system that will allow Android Open Source … Continue reading

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