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Not even IBM is sure where its quantum computer experiments will lead | Spooky May Be Beautiful and Useless

“People aren’t going to just wake up in three or four years, and say, ‘Oh okay, now I’m ready to use quantum, what do I have to learn,’” Bob Sutor, VP of IBM Q Strategy and Ecosystem at IBM Research, … Continue reading

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Trump on his hair: ‘I try like hell to hide that bald spot, folks’ | So Human The riff started when Trump saw himself on the big screen next to the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Oxon Hill, Maryland. “By the way, what a nice picture that is,” he said to cheers. “Look … Continue reading

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1 Minute Art History

via American Digest – WHEN in the course of human Events, it becomes necessary….

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Survivors Say CNN Blocked Unapproved Gun Views for Town Hall – CNN Creates The News They Want

“I actually spoke to a CNN producer … the day after the shooting,” Andrew Klein, father of Arianna Klein, a Douglas junior who survived the ordeal, told Fox News’ “The Ingrahan Angle” Thursday night. “The producer insinuated to me they … Continue reading

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Catholic Bishop Says Sen. Durbin Will Not Be Given Communion Until He Repents | Bravo To The Bishop

( — Because Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) supports abortion on demand and recently voted against a bill to ban abortions after 5 months, the Catholic bishop of his diocese in Springfield, Ill., has declared that Durbin is objectively “cooperating in … Continue reading

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Former Bears cornerback Charles Tillman becomes FBI agent – Bravo

Former NFL cornerback Charles Tillman has graduated from the FBI’s training academy and become a special agent, according to a report from Sporting News published Thursday night. Tillman, who was selected to two Pro Bowls in his 13-year career, was accepted to … Continue reading

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Hamilton College students protest too many “white, upper class, able-bodied males” at campus pub | This Is Not Education

While Hamilton is not as bad as some liberal arts schools, identity-politics and intersectional quasi-religious fervor has resulted in absurd results, such as segregated diversity training in 2013, as detailed in these posts: Hamilton College segregates diversity program by race … Continue reading

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