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History is Offensive and Should Not be Taught

Mich. teacher suspended over blackface lesson plan. “The Monroe News reports that Barron showed a video of how white people used blackface to imitate African Americans during what they considered entertainment in the 1800s. According to parents whose children are … Continue reading

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Sharia Death Sentence – The Crime? Married a Christian

Fight to Save Sudanese Woman Condemned to Hang Goes Viral With #Save Meriam – ABC News. “Meriam Ibrahim, 27, was sentenced to be flogged and hanged to death in Sudan for marrying a Christian and converting from the Muslim faith … Continue reading

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Left Wing Tolerance


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Climate Science – Censuses Management

Climate Science And The Banished Bishop — Quadrant Online. “The resignation of Swedish climate scientist Lennart Bengtsson from an advisory role to the Global Warming Policy Foundation is a source of great dismay, but the story is not without interest … Continue reading

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▶ Michael Bloomberg Blasts Ivy League Censorship

I don’t often agree with the soda and gun banning liberal, but he make a powerful argument for promoting academic freedom for everyone, even conservatives.

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What are Blood Types?

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5 Stages of Inebriation

The Five Stages of Inebriation As Captured in These Hilarious 19th-Century Portraits. Now you know why prohibition passed.

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Has David Attenborough Become A Propaganda Mouthpiece Promoting Climate Fear?

Watts Up With That? Guest essay by Jim Steele, Director emeritus Sierra Nevada Field Campus, San Francisco State University. David Attenborough was my favorite wildlife cinematographer and each year I fed my students numerous clips to make biology and ecology … Continue reading

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Brunei: Sharia law

Brunei: Sharia law at what cost? – Opinion – Al Jazeera English. Interesting take on Sharia Law. The report confirms, but does not condemn, stoning, flogging, hanging of gays and subservience of women. However he dismisses all of that as … Continue reading

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The 97% Fallacy

Global warming: the 97% fallacy | Environment | Free speech | spiked. Ever wonder where the 97% figure came from? 11,944 peer-reviewed articles were examined by a pro man made global warming group.  They found that 66.4% of the articles had no opinion. … Continue reading

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