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3,000-year-old Hebrew Text

Message decoded: 3,000-year-old text sheds light on biblical history | Fox News.  “If Petrovich’s analysis proves true, it would be evidence of the accuracy of Old Testament tales. If Hebrew as a written language existed in the 10th century, as … Continue reading

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1912 – 8th Grade Test

Are You Smarter Than An 8th Grader From 1912? | Zero Hedge. Maybe we should go back to the good old days when schools were funded and controlled locally.

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Nile Gardiner – Telegraph Blogs

Nile Gardiner – Telegraph Blogs. How is the President seen in the UK? Not so good. President Obama has lost sight of America’s middle class  

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1,122 Record Cold Temps

1,122 Record Cold Temps in the U.S. in one week | Climate Depot.

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Broadway Cab driver called 911

Broadway Cab driver called 911, complained his passengers were drunk and did not want to pay | Shame on the women for falsely accusing the cab driver of bigotry to coverup their drunken, disorderly behavior. Cabbies don’t get paid … Continue reading

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President Obama’s Estimate Wrong

President Obama’s low-ball estimate for Keystone XL jobs – The Washington Post. The President says 50 permanent jobs. All construction jobs are temporary. Is he throwing construction unions/workers under the bus now? Amazing! Washington Post: “The State Department also says … Continue reading

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Obama Vineyard Vacation

Obama Vineyard vacation at $7.6m private resort; more than 75 rooms booked for staff | Income disparity, isn’t that what his latest speeches were about? Yes, if you’re looking for a gap look no further than his vacation and … Continue reading

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Sharia Law: 600 Lashes

Mick Hartley: Ridiculing Islamic religious figures. An Amnesty prisoner of conscience since his arrest last June for insulting Islam, later tried for apostasy – you can read about him here – liberal Saudi blogger Raif Badawihas been reported today to have been sentenced to seven years … Continue reading

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CNN’s Don Lemon – Tough Love

CNN’s Don Lemon Backs Up Bill O’Reilly: ‘He Doesn’t Go Far Enough’ In Criticizing Black Culture – YouTube.

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Ron Finley: Thank You

Ron Finley: A guerilla gardener in South Central LA – YouTube

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