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“an ape figuring out how to use a smartphone is the beginning of the end for us idiots… “

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Gorillas Gals pose for a selfie at Congo park

You might have recently seen caretakers Mathieu and Patrick’s amazing selfie with female orphaned gorillas Ndakazi and Ndeze inside the Senkwekwe center at Virunga National Park. We’ve received dozens of messages about the photo. YES, it’s real! Those gorilla gals … Continue reading

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NPR Admits Plastic Bag Bans Pointless, Paper & Cloth Totes Worse For Environment

Taylor found these bag bans did what they were supposed to: People in the cities with the bans used fewer plastic bags, which led to about 40 million fewer pounds of plastic trash per year. But people who used to … Continue reading

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The Elephant in the Room

We here in Africa have been informed that a U.S. poll, conducted by the Remington Research Group for Humane Society International (HSI), revealed that three in four respondents considered it important to protect elephants from trophy hunting, 78% did not … Continue reading

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San Francisco sees ‘brownout’ amid spike in public pooping, reports say

The poop-data was released by Open the Books, a nonprofit government watchdog, which includes all cases closed by the San Francisco Department of Public Works since 2011, Business Insiderreported. There were over 5,000 documented cases in 2011, according to the data. … Continue reading

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Netflix Series Accused of Making Fake Claims About Walrus Deaths

However, it turns out a more reasonable explanation exists when it comes to these walrus deaths, according to Dr. Susan Crockford, a Canadian zoologist specializing in evolution and the ecology of Holocene mammals (including polar bears and walrus): Dr Susan Crockford, … Continue reading

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The Sun Spits Mysterious, Planet-Sized ‘Blobs’ of Plasma at Earth Every 90 Minutes  | Space Weather Affects Earth, Jupiter & ….

Now, for the first time, Viall and her colleagues have observed the blobs as they appear in their own neighborhood. In their new study, the astronomers found evidence of the blobs in 40-year-old data. Those observations confirmed that the blobs … Continue reading

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