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Lightning Produces Anti-Matter

via Lightning bolts are churning out antimatter all over Planet Earth | Fox News “Teruaki Enoto, a physicist at Kyoto University in Japan, proved for the first time, in a paper published Nov. 23, that lightning bolts work as natural particle accelerators. … Continue reading

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Update: Charges Dropped | Support Mom – Sue The School

via Charges dropped against mom who put recorder in child’s backpack – NY Daily News “I can breathe,” Sims told the outlet. “This boulder I’ve had on my chest for weeks was just alleviated. I slept pretty good for a … Continue reading

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Garrison Keillor Fired | Has ‘Me Too’ Jumped The Shark or Is The Left Full of Sexist Pigs?

via Garrison Keillor says he has been fired over alleged improper behavior – LA Times “Garrison Keillor, the former host of “A Prairie Home Companion,” said Wednesday he has been fired by Minnesota Public Radio over allegations of improper behavior. … Continue reading

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Butter Apocalyps In France

via Beurre-pocalypse: The Great French Butter Crisis of 2017 — Quartz “Gone was the giant block of gleaming fresh butter from which he cuts a tablet each day for discerning customers. He pointed to one small pile of butter and … Continue reading

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NPR/WAMU Expose D.C. High School Disaster | 164 Graduate – Most Can’t Read

via What Really Happened At Ballou, The D.C. High School Where Every Senior Got Into College | WAMU “When many of these students did attend school, they struggled academically. An investigation by WAMU and NPR has found that Ballou High … Continue reading

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Media Give non-native-american Warren a Pass – Blast Trump For Calling Her Out As A Liar

via Press blasts Trump for ‘Pocahontas’ reference, but ignores Warren’s cultural appropriation | Fox News “The truth is, Warren is probably not Native American but claimed she was to advance her academic career that eventually landed her a gig at the … Continue reading

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Peterson: Women in Power

Maggie’s Farm

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