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‘Unprecedented’ Native American burial site discovered in Gulf of Mexico off Florida |Sea Lever Rise Covered Site

Researchers believe during that time period, when sea levels were lower, the indigenous people of Florida buried their family members at the site. As sea levels eventually rose, the pond was covered by the Gulf of Mexico but the peat … Continue reading

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Egyptian singer and ‘The Voice’ star Sherine Abdel-Wahab sentenced to 6 months in prison for Nile River joke | Be Thankful Hollywood

Sherine Abdel-Wahab, one of Egypt’s most famous singers and the star of the Arabic version of “The Voice,” was sentenced to six months in prison after making a joke suggesting the Nile River was polluted. A lawsuit was filed against … Continue reading

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Women’s crime rates climb | From Todays Headlines The Drug Addicted, Mental Ill and Just Plain Nasty

The Jackson County Jail and Oregon’s only prison for women are overflowing with a burgeoning number of female offenders — prompting local and state officials to rethink a criminal justice system that largely has overlooked the ways women criminals differ … Continue reading

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Denver Mayor Michael Hancock Sent Sexually Suggestive Texts To His Security Officer | Do You Think She Was The Only One?

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock issued an apology statement Tuesday where he admitted to sending sexually suggestive text messages to a police officer who was assigned to his security detail during his first year in office. He acknowledged that his behavior then … Continue reading

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When the Academy Awards Celebrated a Child Sexual Predator | Still Loves The Guy

There is perhaps no person whose story better exemplifies the hypocrisy and empty morals of much of Hollywood than director Roman Polanski. Before Harvey Weinstein and others ever faced an onslaught of sexual misconduct accusations — and well before the … Continue reading

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High Court Blocks (5-3) Right-to-Bond Hearings for Detained Immigrants

Alito ridiculed the lower court ruling and the Supreme Court dissent, which cited the doctrine of “constitutional avoidance” in justifying the requirement for a bond hearing. That doctrine holds that when there are multiple ways to interpret a statute, the … Continue reading

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CNN: Women Can’t Conceal Carry Because They Wear Dresses & Hand Gun Bullets Go Too Slow

We’ve heard a whole range of reasons for why individuals are opposed to arming trained teachers in schools after President Trump suggested it as a way to stop would be school shooters. Some of those explanations have been a bit … Continue reading

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