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Lincoln City: 9-year-old girl killed after sand collapse

9-year-old girl killed after sand collapse in Lincoln City identified | Local & Regional |

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ButterUp — Kickstarter

The Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp by DM Initiatives — Kickstarter.

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Genes, Rabbits & Domestication

Genetic Alterations Changed Wild Rabbits Into Tame Pets : Life : Auto World News. “The researchers have observed that wild rabbits have a strong flight response, unlike domestic rabbits, making them very reactive and alert to survive in the wild. … Continue reading

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Tripled California Film-TV Tax Credit

Tripled California Film-TV tax credit heads to Gov. Jerry Browns desk | Boston Herald. Even California Democrats know that lower taxes will raise revenue, 35% of nothing is less than 15% of something. California has been loosing movie and TV … Continue reading

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Feminist: There Is No Right Answer

Female CEO Tries to Create Feminist Ad Campaign, Gets Slammed for Misogyny | National Review Online. “A feminist CEO attempted to create a feminist advertising campaign only to have other feminists slam her for misogyny. Julie Sygiel, founder and CEO of … Continue reading

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Strange Hot-Air Balloons

The Strangest Hot-Air Balloons To Ever Grace The Skies.

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College With no Frills

Can an Upstart College With no Frills and no Football Challenge the Elites? – Suzanne Fields “The newest model in the high-tech smorgasbord is called the Minerva Project, named for the Roman goddess of wisdom. Minerva is a new university … Continue reading

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Alba: More Than A Pretty Face

Jessica Albas Honest Co Raises $70 Million At A Nearly $1 Billion Valuation – Business Insider. The Santa Monica, California, company, which sells natural and eco-friendly baby products, just raised $70 million and is valued at almost $1 billion, according … Continue reading

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Pull My String, Walk In Front & I’ll Lead From Behind

Maggies Farm.

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Newspapers Are Doomed – But You Knew That

Stick a Fork in Your Newspaper – Bloomberg View. “Print newspapers are going to die; at this point they’re living off coupons, on the print side, and old people, on the readership side. Newspaper circulation has fallen only a little … Continue reading

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