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Is UFO Disclosure Imminent

UFO conspiracy hearing boosted by former congressmen and senator | World news | We are not alone or maybe we are. Take your pick. Some day it will be all clear, but until then try  ‘Childhood’s End’ a short, quick … Continue reading

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Teachers Get Schooled on Predators

Active shooter drill scares Halfway teachers | Statesman Journal | Good for them for making an effort to be prepared for a violent act. “But the biggest insight for her was the reminder that she is in charge of … Continue reading

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Money Flights

Originally posted on The Baggage Handler:
Money Flights In a recent blog, I talked about the two types of airline personnel who steal from passengers: the professionals who target other criminals and the morons who target everyday passengers. The professionals…

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Mexican Disfunction

Mexican official’s daughter tries to shut down restaurant after row over table | World news | One of the may reasons 12,000,000 Mexicans take refuge in the USA. Fixing Mexico would be the kindest immigration policy. Ok, that’s not … Continue reading

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Saturn’s Massive Storm

Saturn’s Hurricane Is a Super Storm on Steroids, Even for the Solar System – Alexander Abad-Santos – The Atlantic Wire. Wow!  

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Their War, Not Ours

Their War, Not Ours – Pat Buchanan. I’m with Pat on this one. If we got involved it should have been when the Syrian civil war started. It was simpler, citizens against government. Now terrorist organizations from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, … Continue reading

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Tenure Uber Alles

Second-grade teacher will appeal firing for urinating in New Jersey classroom | One more reason to rethink hiring practices. OK, the teacher has special needs, but he’s not that special.

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