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NASA solar spacecraft snaps first image from inside sun’s atmosphere – CNET

  Over 12 days in October and November, Parker sped through the corona — the ultra-hot cosmic oven of atmosphere that surrounds the sun — and snapped this absolute pearler of an image. This is practically the first image from inside … Continue reading

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The Central Dogma of Mitochondrial Genetics Needs Rewriting | The Scientist Magazine®

Until last month, it was generally believed that mitochondria and their DNA are exclusively maternally inherited in humans. In a provocative report in PNAS, scientists identified 17 people from three unrelated families with a high level of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) … Continue reading

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UN chief attempts to revive flagging climate change talks | USA Isn’t The Only Country That Questions Climate Policy

The UN secretary general, António Guterres, has made a dramatic intervention to revive flagging climate talks in Katowice, Poland, by flying back to the conference and preparing a personal call to the Chinese president, Xi Jinping. “We’re running out of … Continue reading

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French Yellow Vest protesters tear gassed in violent clashes with riot police in Paris | Climate Policy A Un-natural Disaster

 “We are not here to destroy Paris, we are here to tell Macron we are f–king fed up,” said one protester before the clashes with the police began, adding that the people are protesting ever-increasing taxes on the working … Continue reading

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Biophysicists measure how geckos glide across water

It was assumed medium-sized creatures, like geckos, weren’t cut out for water gliding. But a new study proved that assumption incorrect. Geckos can walk on water, and thanks to the work of two physicists, scientists know how. Source: Biophysicists measure … Continue reading

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The Mother Who Forces Her 6-Year-Old Son James to Identify as Transgender Despite a Lack of Gender Dysphoria May Herself Suffer From a Mental Disorder, Pediatrician Says 

In a particularly tragic divorce proceeding, a mother who forces a transgender identity on her 6-year-old son James is accusing the boy’s father of child abuse because he refers to the boy as male. The father responded by offering James … Continue reading

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Carbon Dioxide Emissions Climb Again – China & India Lead the way | NPR

The recent slowdown in emissions and the subsequent uptick are both largely the result of what’s been happening in China. “Their economy has been slowing a bit,” says Jackson, which is one reason global emissions stalled (China is the largest … Continue reading

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