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Trudeau’s tough climate polices face a mounting backlash – SFGate

Two years ago, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a set of aggressive policies to reduce his country’s greenhouse gas emissions, centered on a nationwide price on carbon. As that price is about to take effect, growing opposition has put … Continue reading

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Biological signalling processes in intelligent materials | Cyborg On The Way

“Thanks to major progress in our understanding of the components and wiring of biological signalling processes, we are now at a stage where we can transfer biological modules from synthetic biology to materials”, explains lead researcher Prof. Wilfried Weber from … Continue reading

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Something’s Just Not Right

Source: Maggie’s Farm

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Every Tiny Speck of Light in This Image Is a Galaxy

To help us grok the immensity of the cosmos, the European Space Agency has released a remarkable image of space in which every point is an entire galaxy. If you didn’t feel insignificant before seeing this, you sure as hell … Continue reading

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More Democrats Believe in UFOs Than Proud of America

58% of Democrats believe in UFOs, but only 32% are proud to be American. Only 37% of Republicans believe in flying saucers, but a full 80% are proud of their country. Almost twice as many Democrats are willing to believe … Continue reading

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Dying Organs Restored to Life in Novel Experiments  – Mitochondria Magic

The mitochondria were damaged — and nothing Dr. McCully tried revived them. One day, he decided simply to pull some mitochondria from healthy cells and inject them into the injured cells.Working with pigs, he took a plug of abdominal muscle … Continue reading

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CO2 Emissions Hit 67-Year Low In Trump’s America, As Rest-Of-World Rises | Zero Hedge

We suspect you won’t hear too much about this from the liberal mainstream media, or the environmental movement, or even Al Gore – but, according to the  latest energy report from The Energy Information Administration (EIA), under President Trump, per-capita … Continue reading

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