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The idea that everything from spoons to stones are conscious is gaining academic credibility

“Physics is just structure. It can explain biology, but there’s a gap: Consciousness.” The materialist viewpoint states that consciousness is derived entirely from physical matter. It’s unclear, though, exactly how this could work. “It’s very hard to get consciousness out … Continue reading

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Mike Rowe: The Science Guy

via Higher Education for Snowflakes: Mike Rowe Schools Stupid Bright – American Digest  “…When I wrote about this discrepancy, people became upset. They thought I was making fun of science. They thought I was suggesting that because physicists were off … Continue reading

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Jupiter: Stormy Nights, Days, Millenia

via NASA Juno spacecraft takes stunning new images of clouds on Jupiter – Business Insider

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Did the solar system form in a bubble? | We Know Nothing About Our Origin, It’s All Speculation

“Astronomers know that our solar system formed about 5 billion years ago from material left over from previous generations of stars. However, beyond that, it gets a little murky. The prevailing theory is that a nearby supernova explosion compressed a … Continue reading

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Fewer Sunspots – Cooler Sun

“The rise and fall of the sun’s luminosity is a natural part of the solar cycle. A change of 0.1 percent may not sound like much, but the sun deposits a lot of energy on the Earth, approximately 1,361 watts per … Continue reading

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An interstellar asteroid has been studied for the 1st time… and it looks really odd

via Interstellar asteroid studied by astronomers for first time “In October, astronomers using a powerful telescope in Hawaii caught sight of something they’d never seen before: an asteroid from interstellar space hurtling through our solar system. Now, about a month … Continue reading

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A storm on Jupiter

via A storm on Jupiter | Behind The Black

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