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In a first, a Japanese spacecraft appears to have collected samples from inside an asteroid | Bravo

Japan’s Hayabusa2 successfully completed its second touchdown on the asteroid Ryugu and probably captured material from its interior that was exposed by firing a projectile into the asteroid earlier this year. It is the first collection of subsurface materials from … Continue reading

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A Triangular Shadow of a Large Volcano

Explanation: Why does the shadow of this volcano look like a triangle? The Mount Teide volcano itself does not have the strictly pyramidal shape that its geometric shadow might suggest. The triangle shadow phenomena is not unique to the Mt. Teide, though, and is commonly seen from the tops of other large … Continue reading

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Nike on Mars | Behind The Black

Cool image time! The Mars Reconnaissance (MRO) science team today releaseda captioned image of several ghost dunes on Mars. The image on the right is cropped and reduced to highlight one of those ghosts, which the scientists explain as follows. Long … Continue reading

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A Bizarre Form of Water May Exist All Over the Universe | Hot Ice

The findings, published this week inNature, confirm the existence of “superionic ice,” a new phase of water with bizarre properties. Unlike the familiar ice found in your freezer or at the north pole, superionic ice is black and hot. A cube … Continue reading

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A new camera from China can photograph you from 28 Miles away – MIT Technology Review

Developed in China, the lidar-based system can cut through city smog to resolve human-sized features at vast distances. Source: A new camera can photograph you from 45 kilometers away – MIT Technology Review

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Katie Bouman: The woman behind the first black hole image | Go Girl, Fantastic!

Katie Bouman led development of a computer program that made the breakthrough image possible. The remarkable photo, showing a halo of dust and gas 500 million trillion km from Earth, was released on Wednesday. For Dr Bouman, its creation was … Continue reading

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Israel On The Moon

Israel’s historic spacecraft, which entered lunar orbit on April 4 on its journey to the moon – is on an “excellent” track, according to overnight data from the SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) engineering teams at their control room … Continue reading

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