Threatening Anti-Semitism Grows on College Campuses

As Anti-Semitism continues to grow unchecked on colleges campuses, and within a small cohort currently serving in the United States Congress, Belgium offers a glimpse into a frightening future for us if the hateful rhetoric is allowed to escalate. During the same week that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) complained about undue Jewish influence in this country and the Jewish “allegiance to a foreign country,” a Carnival parade in the city of Aalst, Belgium on March 3rd, featured anti-Semitic floats with vicious caricatures of stereotypically Jewish figures.

According to The Observers (a collaborative site published in four languages including French, English, Arabic, and Persian, which covers current international affairs by using eyewitness accounts from ‘observers’ which the Observer team of professional journalists in Paris verify and contextualize):

The float is fronted by two giant models in pink suits, wearing sidelocks and shtreimels—the fur hat traditionally worn by Hasidic Jews—and with large hooked noses. One of them has a rat on his shoulder. Both are standing on piles of gold coins and are surrounded by bags of money.

Source: Threatening Anti-Semitism Grows on College Campuses – Minding The Campus

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