Canadian Conservatives take new province: projections

Montreal (AFP) – Canada’s Conservatives won another province Tuesday in legislative elections in eastern Prince Edward Island — while the Liberals in power, affiliated with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s party, finished third, according to Canadian television projections.

…The Liberal Party, which came in third, had since 2007 governed what is the smallest province in Canada — with outgoing premier Wade MacLauchlan seeking a fourth consecutive term.

“It’s something that happens in politics,” he told reporters. “The tide has changed.”

Tuesday’s results marked the latest in a series of right-wing victories at the provincial level in recent months, after Ontario, New Brunswick, Quebec and Alberta.

And it was another disappointment for Prime Minister Trudeau, who in six months faces federal elections — with polls showing Conservative Andrew Scheer as the favorite.

Trudeau is also in the middle of the most serious political crisis he has experienced in office, after his former attorney general unleashed accusations of political meddling in the criminal prosecution of a corporate giant.

Source: Canadian Conservatives take new province: projections

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