Teamsters threatened ‘Top Chef’ producer Padma Lakshmi, called racist-sexist names | Nasty Dems 

A Top Chef producer testified in Boston federal court on Wednesday four members of the Teamsters Union physically threatened the reality show’s crew and hurled racist insults at host Padma Lakshmi, leaving her paralyzed with fear.

Source: ‘Top Chef’ producer: Padma Lakshmi was threatened, called racist names by Teamsters | Fox News

“The men were picketing outside the restaurant where was show was being filmed, demanding the crew to hire them as drivers, according to FOX25.

Lakshmi is expected to testify in court on Thursday. Former location manager Derek Cunningham also took the stand on Wednesday and recounted his version of the ordeal. He said he has feared for his life since “the whole scene, generally, from June 5 [2014], honestly, to right now.” ”

Total silence from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, WaPo, HufPo, NYT, BBC… 

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