Washington Post whitewashes California Imam’s “Annihilate the Jews” sermon

Source: Ammar Shahin | MEMRI | Anti-Semitism | Washington Post

“On Friday, Michelle Boorstein, the Post’s religion reporter covered the apology of Sheikh Ammar Shahin, the imam of the mosque, at the Islamic Center of Davis (ICD), in California, for giving an anti-Semitic sermon a week earlier.

For a full week The Washington Post was silent about this crude anti-Semitism. Only a week later did the Post cover it and a number of things are readily apparent.

  1. The Post only reported once Shahin offered a dubious apology.
  2. The Post never reported on Harmoush’s sermon. Harmoush did not apologize.
  3. The Post reported uncritically a false claim made by Shahin and one of his supporters.
  4. The Post got an expert to reinterpret part of his sermon so that it was somewhat less offensive.

The first two items are related. The news, which was first reported by MEMRI, on July 21 was that two California imams gave virulently anti-Semitic speeches calling for the killing of the Jews. That was the news.

The Post had a whole week to be aware of this news before Shahin’s “apology” press conference, but only reported on the sermon once an apology was in hand and damage control effort had begun. The fact that the speech by Harmoush, who to the best of my knowledge never apologized, was ignored makes it less likely that this was an accident.”

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