At the Mercy of Media Fakers – Suzanne Fields

When President Trump defended his use of social media as not simply “presidential” but “modern day presidential,” he had a point.

Source: At the Mercy of Media Fakers – Suzanne Fields

“Reddit leans left and saw a distinct change in its audience after Edward Snowden revealed that the National Security Agency was conducting mass domestic surveillance of the American public. Reddit posts turned sharply against then-President Barack Obama, reflecting the rebellious bent of Generation Z, the post-millennial generation beginning in the late 1990s.

“Once, rebels took bong rips in between protesting war and Jim Crow laws,” writes Lowe, a member of the generation she writes about. “Today they ‘s—post’ memes and fight against a different form of social control: political correctness and a perceived establishment agenda.” These rebels didn’t like the blackmail they believed CNN employed in threatening to reveal the identity of the author of the Trump wrestling meme, no matter how silly it might have been.”

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