Teen Pays It Forward for Police Officer, Then The Haters Go Into Action

“When 18-year-old Zachary Randolph noticed a police officer in line at his place of employment — Great American Cookies in a Texas mall — he decided to pay it forward and purchase a cookie for the officer out of his own pocket.  The kind gesture was meant to show respect to the officer and to thank him for his service. Most people would think what Randolph did was an honorable thing. To have respect for authority at that age, especially with anti-police sentiment sweeping across the United States, is truly a breath of fresh air….

The man who was in line behind the police officer reacted by asking Randolph if he would be purchasing a cookie for him as well. When Randolph explained that he purchased the cookie to show appreciation to the police officer, the man in line became irate. He went off on a tirade about how the young employee was racist, and threatened violence — as did his wife. The man told Randolph that he was going to get him fired.”

Source: Teen Pays It Forward for Police Officer, Then This Happened | LifeZette

The haters did file charges, got Randolph fired, but thanks to his manager and social media the company relented and he has his job back.

I wonder if charges will be brought against the people who threatened the teen?


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