Oregon hagfish spill slimes cars, roadway on Coast Highway 101

Oregon hagfish spill slimes cars, roadway on Highway 101 | Local | Eugene, Oregon

Hagfish produce slime when stressed.

Hag2“DEPOE BAY — A truck carrying 7,500 pounds of hagfish overturned on Highway 101 near Depoe Bay on Thursday afternoon, spilling thousands of the slimy purple creatures onto at least two passenger vehicles and the roadway, which was partly closed by the multivehicle pileup.Hag1

One person was slightly injured in the crash.

The hagfish and their slime were moved out of the road in part by a backhoe and firefighters using high-pressure hoses, according to a news release from the state Department of Transportation and Oregon State Police. The highway was reopened to traffic by 4 p.m., after having been reduced for several hours to a single lane with vehicles being flagged through the crash site.

Hagfish — commonly known as slime eels or snot snakes — are an eel-like fish that has a sucking mouth with rasping teeth. In Japan, Korea and other Asian country, they are eaten (as an aphrodisiac), and their skin is used to make a type of leather. Oregon has been trying to revive its hagfish industry, and state police said the truckload was to be shipped to Korea.”

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