The ‘Hate Crime’ That’s Just a Piece of Trash | More Tin Hat Conspiracy

The ‘Hate Crime’ That’s Just a Piece of Trash | LifeZette

“I seriously feel like I’m reading parody websites with some of the news that has made headlines lately. In the latest battle against all of this oppression in the United States, two people were compelled to contact the University of Maryland Police Department when they spotted a discarded piece of trash lying on the ground. No, they weren’t trying to save the earth from litter. They were convinced that the piece of plastic wrap resembled a noose and they had stumbled upon a possible hate crime.

It was literally a piece of plastic wrap that can be found securing any number of items or packaging. It even looked like someone either pulled it from an item or was sitting in a boring class fidgeting with it. I’ve been known to play with random objects in class a time or two.”

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