ResQ Foam could save your life

Countless military lives will be saved in the future thanks to a new remarkable foam.

Source: This foam could save your life | Fox News

“Bleeding to death is the leading cause of fatalities on the battlefield, according to the U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research. So the US military has long been searching for a solution that would let combat medics stabilize patients for transport to field hospitals.

The foam has enormous potential for civilians as well. EMTs responding to a gunshot wound to the abdomen, for example, could immediately apply the foam to help buy time to get the victim to surgical care.

….So how does it work?

The foam doesn’t repair the injury. Instead, ResQ Foam (which must be injected) stabilizes the wounded in the field and buys time to surgical care. By doing so, it greatly improves the chances of survival.

The injector looks like the sort of device you would use to caulk a bathtub. It is designed so that two chemicals mix and this triggers the foam to activate.

Once the foam is injected in the abdomen, it rapidly expands. It can expand to an astonishing 35 times the original volume.”

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