Sen. Graham Can’t Get an Answer: Did Intel Community Monitor His Conversations With Foreign Leaders?

Sen. Graham Can’t Get an Answer: Did Intel Community Monitor His Conversations With Foreign Leaders?

““I’m overseas talking to a foreign leader, which I do a lot. If they’re collecting on that foreign leader, I want to know is it possible for somebody in the administration to get ahold of the conversation and unmask me — is that possible?….

“Is it possible to find out, if I, Lindsey Graham, was incidentally collected talking to a foreign leader abroad?” Graham asked. “Is that possible? Am I entitled to that information? Am I entitled, as a United States senator, to know whether or not the intelligence community monitored a conversation I had with a foreign leader abroad?…

“I’m talking about, to me! Can I find that out, yes or no? Do I have the legal right as a United States senator to find out if my government is monitoring a conversation between me and a foreign leader — and if anybody had access to that conversation?”

…“So is it legal or not for me to make that — I mean, does the law allow me to get that information?” …

“It’s my understanding, Senator, we have that request from you and we are processing–” Brooker said.

“Yeah, it was like months ago,” Graham said. “So like, am I ever going to get it in my lifetime? And if you’re not going to give it to me, tell me why.””

He never got a straight answer. My guess is yes he was recorder/unmasked and No he can’t find out. The media has no interest in any story that is critical of Democrats.

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