Bruno Mars Is the Latest Victim of PC Nonsense | Not Black Enough For Funk

“Cultural appropriation has become this oddly, loosely defined concept that makes it easier to call someone racist and to be anti-art — and it calls for an end to the melting pot of culture that represents the best of America. Musician Bruno Mars is the latest victim of cultural appropriation accusations. He was criticized by a Washington Post writer during this year’s BET Awards for appropriating black culture and somehow erasing the history of black funk musicians — which he openly admits constantly influence his music.

“I really need y’all to stop with this Bruno Mars praise and be more critical about the ways we understand appropriation,” wrote Jenn M. Jackson on Twitter before kicking off a full-blown rant on everything wrong with Mars and his music. “Bruno Mars does not identify as black. Let’s get that clear at the outset,” she wrote. “He is a non-Black [sic] person of color (POC) who has recently decided that singing Funk music”

I bet she doesn’t mind non-blacks buying funk and make the funksters rich.

Source: Bruno Mars Is the Latest Victim of PC Nonsense | LifeZette

Bruno is of Puerto Rican descent and was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Is Obama black enough for her? He is half African, born in Hawaii and raised by his white grandparents in Hawaii.

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