Dems in Disarray: Party Posts Worst May Fundraising Since 2003 – As Bankrupt as Detroit, Go Dems

“While the Democrats were still nursing their wounds following a crushing defeat in the special election for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District Tuesday, they were nailed with additional bad news: This May was the Democratic National Committee’s worst May of fundraising since 2003. The DNC raised $4.29 million in May of this year, according to data recently released by the Federal Election Commission. It is the weakest take for national Democrats since May of 2003, when the party raised a paltry $2.7 million. The May numbers continue a streak of poor fundraising for the floundering DNC. Under new DNC Chairman Tom Perez’s leadership, the committee accrued $438,000 less in May than in the month of April. The posting for April 2017 proved to be the lowest April amount raised since 2009. When NBC reporter Hallie Jackson confronted Perez earlier in June over the poor April fundraising showing, Perez suggested things would get better.”

Source: Dems in Disarray: Party Posts Worst May Fundraising Since 2003 | LifeZette

Hating Trump will be the death of the Democrats and hostile media. They need a new message and they just don’t know what to say since they have backed themselves into a rhetorical corner by hostility toward christianity, traditional marriage, the white working class, guns and rural Americans.

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