Besieged by the tolerance bullies – Women To The Back Of The Bus

Source: ¡No Pasarán!: Besieged by the tolerance bullies: If we’re ever to roll back this insanity we’re going to have to show some solidarity with the victims of homofascism and transfascism

I feel sorry for Mr. Yearwood who must feel very confused by his situation. His parents and school have let him down during his teen angst identity crisis and he will suffer the most from their lack of courage in confronting a difficult situation.

Just how far will women (adults) let this go before they grow a pair and stand up for real women (their daughters) who are getting screwed by guys wearing dresses.

“Fifteen year-old Andraya Yearwood is fast

notes Benny Huang

really fast. This high school track star is so fast that he recently claimed the titles for the 100-meter and 200-meter dashes at the Connecticut state championship.

The secret to his success? He’s a boy who competes against girls. That’s it. This kid “identities” as a girl and no one is willing to say that he’s not. He runs against girls and beats them every time which is quite fortuitous considering the fact that he would have placed last in the Connecticut state championships if he had been competing against other boys.

Andraya is not slight or effeminate. Anraya is not undergoing hormone “therapy” and he has not had his member lopped off—not that any of those things would render him female. He’s endowed with the physique of a dude and he’s even got a mustache….”

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