How Evergreen State College Failed to Protect Its White Students – Racists Promoting White Collective Guilt

How Evergreen State College Failed to Protect Its White Students | LifeZette

“All of the madness came to a head when a campus-sanctioned day without white people took place. The college traditionally hosts an event called “day of absence” where students of color stay off campus and meet to have racial discussions. However, this year quickly turned into something very ugly when a school official requested that rather than students of color meeting off campus, white people refrain from showing up on campus to allow the gathering to occur on campus.

Based upon the videos I have seen of obnoxious students shouting profanities, I can only speculate that college officials allowed accusations of racism to intimidate them into making the heinous decision to institute segregation….

Over a month had passed since the incident when protesting students showed up to Professor Weinstein’s class shouting at him. He was accused of being a racist for refusing to leave campus while being white, and they demanded his firing. Once again succumbing to the angry mob, school officials have banded together to demand that Professor Weinstein be fired.”

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