Will Privatized Air Traffic Control Put You in Danger? – Why Would Airlines Allow Safety/Ridership To Suffer 

Will Privatized Air Traffic Control Put You in Danger? – Bloomberg

More hysteria over anything Trump does. The fact that Canada’s NavCanada is the role model for the Trump proposal does not seem to matter to the never Trumpers.

“That model is used in other countries, including Canada. U.S. carriers frequently cite Nav Canada, the Ottawa-based nonprofit that’s overseen air traffic there since 1996, as something America should emulate. Under such a model, the FAA would retain oversight of safety much as Transport Canada, its counterpart north of the border, does. The new U.S. air traffic group would be funded by user fees.

Representative Bill Shuster after U.S. President Donald Trump announced the Air Traffic Control Reform Initiative on June 5, 2017. Photographer: Eric Thayer/Bloomberg

U.S. Representative Bill Shuster, a Pennsylvania Republican, introduced a bill last year that would have mirrored the Canadian model, but it didn’​​​​​t​ reach a vote amid tepid support in both parties. Shuster joined a White House ceremony Monday at which President Donald Trump announced the revived proposal.”

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