Melania’s First Foreign Trip – When In Rome, Jerusalem & Riyadh

“[She] represented the American woman with appropriateness, elegance, and style.”

Source: Melania’s First Foreign Trip Showcases She’s More Than Just a Pretty Face

“One (Saudi) paper called her “classy and conservative” and others drew on the similarities between her jumpsuit and the traditional abaya worn by many Saudi women.

Other people related her large gold belt to a heavyweight fighter’s but Susan Bigsby, a Palm Beach image consultant, told The Washington Postthat it couldn’t have been more fitting. She said:

“Muslim women, while respecting their religion, also love glamour. You can be sure they were studying — and appreciating — Melania and Ivanka … They represented the American woman with appropriateness, elegance and style.”…

ROME: It seems, however unfair to the rest of us, Melania was blessed with both beauty and brains. Grisham described her hospital visit to The Washington Examiner and said, “She spoke to them in Italian, she signed bandages and she took lots of selfies.”

By “spoke,” Grisham probably didn’t mean a “ciao” here and a “grazie” there. Italian is only one of five languages the first lady speaks fluently.

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