Dems Turn on Their Own: Oppose Lieberman for FBI

Dems Turn on Their Own: Oppose Lieberman for FBI | LifeZette


Warning to Democrats: When nothing makes you happy then nothing is what you will get. The Democrat 2000 VP candidate’s politics are not acceptable to todays Democrat leaders.

“It is a remarkable rejection of a man whose ethics have never been questioned and who carried the Democratic Party banner as the 2000 candidate for vice president.

“There’s a strong feeling among many of my colleagues, and I share it, that the director of the FBI should be someone with a real strong background and expertise and experience in criminal justice, rather than partisan politics,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) told CNN on Friday.

And that is from Lieberman’s home-state senator. The other senator from Connecticut, Democrat Chris Murphy, told Politico on Thursday that he was concerned about Lieberman’s political background.

“This is a moment for someone with a law enforcement background,” he told the publication. “It’s really important to restore people’s faith in the FBI.””

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